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  1. Oven, Belt, 44" x 22', S/st, Wolverine Proctor, 2-Zone,
    Stock Number: C741654
    Location: California

    Wolverine Proctor continuous impingement oven with Jet-Tube, Belt measures 44" wide X 22' long, all stainless steel c... (More Details...)

  2. Oven, Blue M
    Stock Number: S732995
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Blue-M oven (More Details...)

  3. Oven, Blue M, Mdl AC-7602HA-1, S/st
    Stock Number: S730027
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Blue-M oven model AC-7602HA-1, stainless steel contacts. Internal dimensions are 2' wide x 18" front to back x 18" ... (More Details...)

  4. Oven, Blue M, Mdl HS-120EFG, Rictionaire, 25" X 20" X 20"
    Stock Number: S735235
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Blue-M oven, model HS-120EFG Frictionaire stainless steel oven. Chamber measures 25" wide x 20" tall x 20" deep, ha... (More Details...)

  5. Oven, Despatch, Mdl 15812, 12 Trays,
    Stock Number: S579099
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Despatch oven, model 15812, tray type, humidity and temp test inreco temperature and humidity controlled test chamb... (More Details...)

  6. Oven, Electric, 12x12x16, Vac, Lab Siz, Natl APPL,
    Stock Number: S731549
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Lab size oven model 5851, manufactured by National Appliance Co. 120 v single phase 60Hz 1000 watt, chamber is 12" ... (More Details...)

  7. Oven, Fisher Scientific, Lab, Mdl 58, 240V, 14.5" X 12",
    Stock Number: S733447
    Location: Chowchilla, CA

    Fisher Scientific oven, model 58, internal dimensions measure 12" wide x 14.5" deep. Rated for 240 volt, 12.5 amps,... (More Details...)

  8. Oven, TM-Vacuum, 12" x 14", Dryer, S/st,
    Stock Number: S730030
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Oven, vacuum dryer, manufactured by T-M Vacuum Products in Riverton, NJ. Unit is electrically heated, stainless stee... (More Details...)

  9. Oven, Precision, Incubator, Thelco, 18" x 18" x 30"
    Stock Number: S735593
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Precision Scientific Thelco incubator. Chamber measures 18" wide x 18" deep x 30" tall with adjustable trays. Unit ha... (More Details...)

  10. Oven, Precision, Incubator, Mdl 29 Thelco, 13" x 17" x 13"
    Stock Number: S735594
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Precision Scientific Thelco model 29 incubator. Chamber measures 13" wide x 17-1/2" deep x 13" tall with one tray. Un... (More Details...)

  11. Oven, Blue M, Mdl ESP-256BX-1, 1/3 HP, Sngl Ph, 3 Chamber
    Stock Number: C736037
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Blue M oven, Model ESP-256BX-1, serial number CD-8050. Unit has 3 chambers, 4.5" tall x 19" wide x 22" deep. Max te... (More Details...)

  12. Oven, Belt, 18" X 55", S/st, Lincoln Impinger, Mdl. 1133,
    Stock Number: S736952
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Lincoln Impinger belt oven, 18" wide x 55" long wire mesh belt conveyor, 28" long hot zone model number 1133-000-A, ... (More Details...)

  13. Oven, Precision, Incubator, S/st, Less Trays
    Stock Number: S737542
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Precision Scientific Co. oven/incuabor. Unit is stainless steel, chamber measures 13" wide x 13" long x 14" deep, l... (More Details...)

  14. Oven, Blue M, 13" x 12" x 12", Stable-therm, Mdl OV-472A-2
    Stock Number: S737596
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Blue-M oven, model OV-472A-2 stable therm oven. Unit has inside dims of 13" wide x 12" long x 12" deep. Oven operat... (More Details...)

  15. Oven, Blue M, Lab, 20" x 15" x 15", 120V
    Stock Number: S737597
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Blue-M oven, model OV-490A-2 lab oven. Unit has inside dims of 20" wide x 15" long x 15" tall and operates on 120 v... (More Details...)

  16. Oven, Despatch, Electric, 34 kW 250 Deg.,
    Stock Number: S737895
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Despatch drying oven, special conveyor oven model, 250 deg. maximum operating temp, electric, 34 kW 40.9 amps, 4.6 ... (More Details...)

  17. Oven, Vac, Precision, 12 x 12 x 19, Mdl Napco 5851
    Stock Number: C738598
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Precision Scientific vacuum oven. Unit measures 12" x 12" x 19" tall internal, is 120V, 1000 watts, single phase. U... (More Details...)

  18. Oven, Belt, 20" x 18', Heat & Control, Mdl MPO-D-2012, S/st
    Stock Number: C740081
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Heat and Control Inc. MPO-D-2012 Heat & Control oven, model MPO-D-2012 belt oven, belt measures 20" wide x 18' long. ... (More Details...)

  19. Oven, Smokehouse, 5-Truck, S/st, Friedrich, Mdl FMP-6000, (2)
    Stock Number: D740564
    Location: Northwest

    (2) Friedrich 5-truck smokehouse system, model number FMP-6000. Unit measures 25'2" long X 6'3" wide X 11' tall. Unit... (More Details...)

  20. Oven, Smokehouse, 2-Truck, S/st, AFOS, Mdl AK2-60, (2)
    Stock Number: D740565
    Location: Northwest

    (2) Two-truck smokehouse system, manufactured by AFOS, model number AK2-60. Unit is a four-door pass-through type wit... (More Details...)

  21. Oven, Lab, Quincy, Mdl 10 GC, 12" X 12" X 10", Electric
    Stock Number: C740615
    Location: Chowchilla, CA

    Quincy lab oven, model 10 GC, serial number 008885, 600 watt, 5.2 amp, 115 V, 60 Hz, 12" wide X 12" high X 10" deep. (More Details...)

  22. Oven, Despatch, Electric, Mdl LBB2-37-1, 4.8 kW
    Stock Number: C740631
    Location: Chowchilla, CA

    Oven, Despatch, model LBB2-37-1, serial number 183828, maximum temperature 204 degrees Celsius / 400 degrees Fahrenhe... (More Details...)

  23. Oven, VWR, Incubator, 36" x 72" x 24", Mdl 1920,
    Stock Number: S741285
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    VWR Model 1920 incubator, chamber measures 36" wide X 72" high X 24" deep, with four internal shelves. Includes adjus... (More Details...)

23 Item(s)