Our Services

Machinery and Equipment Company Services

  • Immediate Quotation on any item from our extensive inventory of equipment.

  • Location and Search network to find the exact piece of equipment for you from other industrial companies and equipment dealers worldwide.

  • Asset recovery services including:

  • Offer to purchase your surplus plant or equipment.
  • Broker or Consignment Contracts to sell your equipment.
  • Appraisal and Inventorying services.
  • Plant dismantling/site reclamation.
  • Auctions

  • Extensive Marketing Network:

  • Trade Journals
  • Direct Mail, Fax and Catalogs
  • Telemarketing
  • Liquidation Brochures
  • Internet and Email Marketing

  • Consulting Services:

Take advantage of our company's 70 years of experience. We would be pleased to discuss with you in confidence the liquidation of your plant(s) or assets and help to determine the most cost effective approach. We regularly buy and sell complete manufacturing operations, call us to discuss your new business ventures.