1 - 299 Gallon Tanks

Accumulation Table

Used IMA # RT120 Table, Accumulation, 48" Dia, S/st, Unscrambling, stock# S738589 #S738589

Accumulation table, 48" diameter, all stainless steel construction, pharmaceutical grade, manufac...

Agitated Tanks

Used Precision Stainless Tank, 130 Gallon, 316L S/st, Agit, 50 PSI, Fv, Precision, stock# S738582 #S738582

Tank, 500 liter (132 gallon) capacity, 316L stainless steel construction, pharmaceutical grade, m...

Apron Dryer

Used National Drying Machinery Dryer, Apron, 12' X 80', S/st, stock# C739261 in Dubois, ID #C739261

Apron Dryer, 12' wide X 80' long, manufactured by National Drying Machinery, machine # 57173, typ...


Used Market Forge Sterilmatic STM-E Autoclave, 16" x 26", S/st, stock# S739229 #S739229

Stainless steel sterilizer manufactured by Market Forge, model Sterilmatic STM-E. Chamber size is...

Batch Mill

Used Mill, Ball, Batch, 2'8" X 3', Abbe, 7.5 HP, C/St, Jkt, stock# S485828 #S485828

Paul O Abbe steel paint mill, 32" x 3', with 50 gallon working capacity, batch type mill. Jacket ...

Belt Conveyor

Used Superior TC30-INEQ Conveyor, Belt, 30" x 10.5", S/St, 1/2 HP, stock# S739120 #S739120

Incline belt conveyor, Stainless Steel with mesh belt conveyor 30" wide x 10'6". Manufactured by ...


Used Scale, Combination, Yamato, 16 Head, ADW-416MWH, S/st, (2), stock# C739374 in Chowchilla, CA #C739374

(2) Combination scale, manufactured by Yamato, Dataweigh "Sigma Series" 16 head, model ADW-416MWH...

Conveyor - Stacker Conveyor

Decanter Centrifuge

Used Centrifuge, Decanter, Aldec, Mdl 406, S/st, stock# S737952 in San Francisco, CA #S737952

Alfa Laval decanter centrifuge, model Aldec 406 (NX-418). bowl measures 14" diameter x 57" long. ...

Dish & Cone Bottom Tanks

Dough Blender

Used Mixer, Paddle, 5 CF, S/st, 2 HP, G & B Pasta Machines, stock# S737920 in Brisbane, CA #S737920

G&B pasta machines self-unloading paddle mixer, approx. 5 cu. ft. working capacity. Mixing chambe...

Gas Fired Boiler

Used Cleaver Brooks (2) Boiler, 200 HP, Mdl FLX-200-800-150ST, stock# S740246 #S740246

2) Cleaver Brooks Model FLX-200-800-150ST Flex Tube Watertube boiler, steam boiler, 150 PSI desig...

Jacketed Tanks

Pressure Tanks

Stainless Steel Tanks