Classifier, Air, Hosokawa-Alpine, 315/3 Turboplex ATP, Ultrafine #C745130


Classifier, Air, Hosokawa-Alpine, 315/3 Turboplex ATP, Ultrafine #C745130


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Hosokawa Alpine 315/3 Turboplex ATP Ultrafine Air Classifier System, ceramic lined classifying wheels and vessel for abrasive applications, rated for fineness of 6-150 micron, feed rate of 1500-7500 kg per hour, featuring (3) 315mm diameter classifying wheels, each rated for 400-4000 rpm speed and 11kW motor through V-belt drive (33 kW total). Scale up factor of F=7.5, air flow rate of 9000 m3/h, fines yield of 1 t/h at 8 µm, 2.1 t/h at 20 µm, 3 t/h at 45 µm. Offered with Hokokawa Alpine High Performance Filter Baghouse Dust Collector, Reitz Ventilatoren High Performance Blower, driven by 90 kW motor, rated for 125 m3/min air flow, 3 PSI static pressure. Ideal for processing limestone, calcite, chalk, dolomite, feldspar, talcum, quartz, kieselguhr, gypsum, graphite, wollastonite, abrasive materials, toner, wax, heavy metal powders, pigments, flours, starches, and other ultrafine classification operations.


Stock NumberC745130
ManufacturerHosokawa Alpine
Model315/3 ATP