Column, 38" x 38', S/st, SRS Engineering, SRXC Column #S743628

Column, 38" x 38', S/st, SRS Engineering, SRXC Column #S743628

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SRS Engineering Methanol Recovery Column, measures approximately 38" diameter x 38' high, (30" inside diameter) SRXC column is designed to purify methanol by removing glycerin and water. Column consists of a stripping and rectification section. Feed stream is flashed entering column, operating under vacuum. The methanol is concentrated through vapor up-flow as it meets liquid down-flow from the reflux in rectifying section. Vapor is condensed outside the column and returns as reflux or exits the system. The flashed feed's liquid down-flow is stripped of methanol in the striping section as it meets the hot vapor up-flow. Rated for 4,000 lbs/hr for biodiesel, Complete system including column, structure, pumps, valves, piping, etc. In working condition when removed from biodiesel facility in 2021.


Stock NumberS743628
ManufacturerSRS Engineering
Diameter38" x 38' High (30" inside diameter)
Previous UseBiofuel
Capacity4,000 lbs/hour