Tank, 350 Gallon, S/st, 75 PSI, 44" x 54", DT/DB, (2) #S742479

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Chowchilla, CA

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Stock NumberS742479
ManufacturerEastern Steel Tank Co.
Serial Number3564-6
Materials of ConstructionStainless Steel
Internal Pressure75 PSI
Previous UseOlive Oil Processing
BasisEach, FOB


(2) Stainless steel tank, approximately 350 gallon, measures 44" diameter X 4.50' straight side. Top head includes manway with hinged lid, 18" diameter. Top also includes approximately 4" diameter center top opening, 2" and 3" openings. Vessel is rated for 75 PSI at 600 degrees Fahrenheit. Dish bottom with 4" threaded center bottom outlet, tapered to 2 inch. Mounted on four stainless steel legs. Manufactured by Eastern Steel Tank Company, serial number 3564-6, HSB Number 594. One vessel does not include the nameplate. Previously used add olive oil facility.