According to the U.S Census Bureau, in the earliest years of this decade, food processing equipment as well as machinery used in the chemical and mineral fields accounted for 47% of all industrial machinery made and sold by United States manufacturing companies. Even way back in 2001, industry analysts were predicting that sales would fall flat by the end of the decade, and that statement turned out to be exactly true.

Because of the economic downturn in our country, those who seek to sell new and used machinery have been put in the position of seeking new markets for their goods since demand in the United States is low, if not downright anemic.

Head for the Border

In order to stay afloat by cutting costs, companies began heavily outsourcing its manufacturing endeavors back in the 1990's, and this trend continues to this day. Exports of machinery, especially used industrial machinery, to foreign countries became a new and profitable source of income. Popular markets for exported used machinery are Canada, Mexico, South America, France, Germany, Asia, the UK, and Australia. Thanks to these foreign markets, sales within the industrial machinery industry increased by 8.5% in 2005 and those figures continue to climb.

Mexico and South America

Our neighbors to the South have been the hottest markets for equipment exports. They have rapidly growing populations and American companies have found it profitable to manufacture there. If you have used equipment you want to sell, or if you need to liquidate your plant altogether, Machinery & Equipment Co. can be your partner in finding a buyer. M&E has been in business for over 70 years and they have become experts in handling sales to foreign markets. Their particular emphasis is on Latin and South American countries, and their highly praised International Division will work with you to sell your machinery in these hot markets for as much as possible.

Despite the economic downturn, it is possible to find willing buyers for your used food service, minerals, and chemicals machinery: let M&E's International Division make good things happen for you.