We have just begun to liquidate two facilities where tartaric acid was being processed in order to manufacture various food chemicals, wine chemicals and industrial chemicals. All of the equipment is constructed of exotic alloys, 316 or 304 stainless steel. The major components included are (4) 2,000 gallon crystallizer systems previously producing 3-4 tons/day of finished product, constructed of Sanicro 28 alloy with internal coils and associated evaporator bodies, vacuum pumps, structural support, etc. Also included are (2) Eimco 8’ x 10’ rotary vacuum drum filters constructed of stainless steel and includes vapor-tite covers and (2) Rex-Chain 8’ x 10’ stainless steel rotary filters. Some of the other major components include an Eimco 42” x 30’ long stainless steel belt filter, Mueller 40,000 gallon stainless steel silo, (2) Toniatti 1250mm perforate basket centrifuges, (8) used 5,000 gallon, 304 & 316 stainless steel agitated tanks, Buzzi flash drying system and more.