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  1. South of the Border: The New Hot Markets for Used Industrial Machinery Sales

    According to the U.S Census Bureau, in the earliest years of this decade, food processing equipment as well as machinery used in the chemical and mineral fields accounted for 47% of all industrial machinery made and sold by United States manufacturing companies. Even way back in 2001, industry analysts were predicting that sales would fall flat by the end of...
  2. 5 Ways Companies Save Money by Buying Used Machinery Equipment

    In today's tough economic times, companies are always looking for ways to achieve that delicate balance: how to keep growing the business while keeping a close eye on cash flow and the bottom line. Companies in a number of different areas rely on good, solid, dependable equipment to do essential jobs and keep the ball rolling. If you work in...
  3. The Cost of Heavy Machinery

    The prices of heavy machinery can be incredibly expensive, running anywhere from a few thousand to a few million.  Cranes, excavators, loaders, crushers and various mining equipment can end up costing a huge chunk of money.  If your company can't afford to take out such a substantial loan, then why not consider buying used machinery equipment instead?  Industrial companies can...
  4. Man vs. Machine

    Machines are used every single day to aid in human effort. Think about where society would be if it weren’t for the help of machines. Living standards and levels of comfort are completely different now than they were in the past. We have come so far in regards to machinery and technology. Imagine how life used to be before: farming crops by hand and animals pulling plows, making products from scratch one at a time, creating tunnels so that humans could mine for gold etc… Continue reading →
  5. Used Mills

    Used mills are available for all different types of industries, such as food, chemical, environmental, pharmaceutical, mining, milling and mineral processing. Milling is utilizing complex machinery to grind and shape solid materials into a different form. Some types of mills include roll mills, ball mills, SAG mills, hammer mills, pebble mills, rod mills and vibrating mills. One of the most popular used mills is the SAG mill. Continue reading →
  6. Machinery Equipment

    The right machinery equipment is essential in promoting health and safety within various companies. Having the proper equipment not only personally protects employees, but it saves companies hundreds of thousands of dollars a year by utilizing mass production and movement of goods. There are many types of industries that require the use of machinery equipment; mining, milling, agriculture, food, farms, construction, pharmaceutical, chemical, etc… Continue reading →
  7. Machinery Equipment Information

    Machinery equipment is a unique type of equipment that has various applications in the mining, chemical, food & beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Machinery equipment is sold across the United States, contiguous or otherwise as well as in countries across the globe. Thanks to modern advances in science and growing third world economies machinery equipment manufacturing and sales are at an all time high. Continue reading →

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