Machines are used every single day to aid in human effort. Think about where society would be if it weren’t for the help of machines. Living standards and levels of comfort are completely different now than they were in the past. We have come so far in regards to machinery and technology. Imagine how life used to be before: farming crops by hand and animals pulling plows, making products from scratch one at a time, creating tunnels so that humans could mine for gold etc…

Nowadays, businesses operate with the use of machinery equipment. It reduces costs, and increases production tenfold. Once an old method has been changed so that a machine can do it better and faster with less production costs, then the future is somewhat altered and unfortunately a lot of people end up losing their jobs. No matter how beneficial the new technology is, ultimately, it is human skills that end up being worthless. Even when society as a whole benefits, peoples’ skills become more and more useless as they are replaced by a machine.

Machinery equipment has, in a sense, taken away our innate human abilities. It seems as if there is no need for human strength, quickness, agility or ability when machines can do it all. With the help of machinery, companies can effectively produce large quantities of products in very little time for less money than it takes to hire many workers to do the same job. With mining drills, ball mills, SAG mills, dryers, kilns, feeders, pumps and conveyor belts operating at much higher levels than humans, why wouldn’t companies invest more in machinery? It only makes sense to cut excess costs any which way you can when trying to run a successful company.

Inventors continuously strive to come up with new machinery equipment so that it can replace what humans can do quickly and more powerfully. It will therefore save time and money by producing goods faster and faster. Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, machinery equipment has not ceased its operations. As a matter of fact, machinery has become increasingly more abundant and popular over the years. While many people argue that machinery equipment may entirely take the place of what human beings can do, as a whole, society has inevitably benefited with more available goods at decreased prices.