San Francisco, CA


Machinery & Equipment Company Inc., a global provider of used processing and packaging equipment, will be holding an online auction of distillery equipment for the production of whiskey, gin, and vodka on December 10th, 2020.


Previously used by local craft distiller Hotaling & Co. (formerly known as Anchor Distilling), the equipment was recently removed from service and is located in place at the San Francisco distillery.


Major items available include pot stills, distillation columns, fermenters, stainless steel tanks, and several types of pumps.


The pot stills for sale include a Forsyths 1,350 liter unit and an Arnold Holstein 600 liter unit, both featuring agitation and copper worm condensers.


(10) DCI 400 gallon jacketed stainless fermenters are available, as well as (3) DCI 125 gallon mash vessels with pneumatic agitation.


Various sizes of dimple jacketed stainless tanks will be offered, along with mixing tanks and portable totes.


Available pump types include positive displacement, diaphragm, impeller, and centrifugal pumps, which are manufactured by Waukesha, Yamada, Wilden, and others.


In 2018 Anchor Distilling was renamed to Hotaling & Co., a reference to one of Anchor Distilling’s small-batch whiskies and to the San Francisco Gold Rush-era spirits dealer A.P. Hotaling. The company has achieved wide success and will be relocating to another part of the city. The high-quality equipment items which were used to produce their top-selling spirits will be made available to the next company looking to strike gold in the hard alcohol business.

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