The prices of heavy machinery can be incredibly expensive, running anywhere from a few thousand to a few million.  Cranes, excavators, loaders, crushers and various mining equipment can end up costing a huge chunk of money.  If your company can't afford to take out such a substantial loan, then why not consider buying used machinery equipment instead?  Industrial companies can save a considerable amount of money by investing in used machinery equipment, opposed to new.  Investing in used heavy equipment is a wise idea, but you must make sure that the company you're purchasing the equipment from is reliable and that it is in good condition and operates efficiently.

Machinery & Equipment Company, Inc, offers the largest inventory of used machinery equipment in the Western United States.  They have thousands of used heavy machinery in great condition set at affordable prices.  Browse through pages of heavy used machinery for a variety of industries to find the piece you're looking for. Their machinery is easily categorized into 5 distinct industries:

  • construction equipment
  • food and beverage equipment
  • chemical equipment
  • mining equipment
  • pharmaceutical equipment

Once you've found the piece of equipment you've been looking for, then all you have to do is submit a request to receive a quote.  If you are unable to find a certain piece of equipment, then the experts at Machinery and Equipment will help find it for you.  Simply fill out the general request form and they will get back to you.  They make finding and purchasing used machinery equipment easy and stress-free.  Also, if you have equipment that you need dismantled and sold, then they can do this for you as well plus provide you with an appraisal.  Take the stress away from trying to find used heavy machinery equipment elsewhere.  Machinery and Equipment is the leader in providing the best selection of used heavy machinery equipment at the best prices.  Save time and a lot of money by having M&E help you with your equipment needs.