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  1.  Screen, Parabolic, 36", S/st, Lyco, 0.100 Screen,
    Stock Number: S741807
    Location: Chowchilla, CA

    Lyco parabolic dewatering screen, 36" wide X 12" high includes 0.100 screen, stainless steel screen. Includes 6" diam... (More Details...)

  2. Screen, 2' X 7', Deamco, Vibratory, S/st, Eccentric, Food Gr
    Stock Number: S733894
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Deamco vibratory screener, 2' x 7' screen area with sanitary stainless steel contact parts. Unit mounted painted ca... (More Details...)

  3. Screen, 30" X 30", S/st, 6-Deck, 2 HP, Gyratory Screen, (2)
    Stock Number: S740595
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    (2) Gyratory screen with 30" X 30" screening decks, includes (6) stacked aluminum decks with stainless steel screens ... (More Details...)

  4. Screen, 4' X 4', Concentrating, Oliver, Mdl 6048BM, Fan
    Stock Number: C738356
    Location: Vicksburg, MS

    Screen, concentrating, 48" wide x 48" long bed, manufactured by Oliver Mfg. Co, model# 6048BM, "hand-stoner," inclu... (More Details...)

  5. Screen, 54" X 84", Scalping, Incline, DeSite ASM Mdl SLG-78
    Stock Number: C740617
    Location: Chowchilla, CA

    Incline scalping screen, 54" high X 84" wide, with electric vibrator, OLI type MVE 300-360M, Force KN3, 110 V, 3 phas... (More Details...)

  6. Screen, 60", Midwestern, Single Deck, Mdl ME 6008-15-8, 3 HP
    Stock Number: C741892
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Midwestern 60" diameter sifter screen, single deck with cleaning deck, model ME-6008-15-8. Unit includes 3 HP electri... (More Details...)

  7. Screen, Centrif., S/st, Sweco, 3/4 HP
    Stock Number: S668490
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Sweco centrifugal white water screen model WWF-1291L, stainless steel construction, 24" x 36". Unit has 18" side gl... (More Details...)

  8. Screen, Derrick, 36" X 12', Mdl C36 120A-2SM
    Stock Number: C740345
    Location: South Carolina

    Vibratory screen, manufactured by Derrick, model number K36 120A-2SM. Screening section measures 36" wide X 12' long.... (More Details...)

  9. Screen, Kason, 48", Single, S/st, Cover, Cleaner, Sweco
    Stock Number: S741169
    Location: Chowchilla, CA

    Sweco screen, 48" diameter. Single deck with top cover and cleaning deck. Manufactured by Kason, model K-2-SS, serial... (More Details...)

  10. Screen, Parabolic, 120", S/st, IPEC, Mdl SHS 12042,
    Stock Number: S741806
    Location: Chowchilla, CA

    IPEC parabolic dewatering screen, 120" wide, includes approximately 0.020 screen, stainless steel screen. Model numbe... (More Details...)

  11. Screen, Parabolic, 24", Single, Andritz, Mdl 554-2-36
    Stock Number: S739352
    Location: Chowchilla, CA

    Andritz waste water screen, Model 554-2-36. Andritz Micrasieve pressure fed parabolic screen. Includes (1) 24" wide s... (More Details...)

  12. Screen, Parabolic, 24", Twin, Andritz, Pressure
    Stock Number: S739351
    Location: Chowchilla, CA

    Andritz waste water screen, dual Micrasieve pressure fed parabolic screen. Includes (2) 24" wide screens with 120 deg... (More Details...)

  13. Screen, Parabolic, 84", S/st, Straight Screen, 0.035"
    Stock Number: C739984
    Location: Sanger, CA

    Stainless steel 84" wide straight dewatering screen. Screen is 11' overall height with a 7' long slotted screen secti... (More Details...)

  14. Screen, Rotary, 12" x 24", Tec Eng, S/st, 1/2 HP
    Stock Number: C734608
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    TEC Engineering Corp stainless steel rotary screener, 12" diameter x 24" long, drum includes 1/2" diameter perforat... (More Details...)

  15. Screen, Rotary, 16" x 26", S/st, Cornell Pump, Enclosure,
    Stock Number: C741714
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Rotary screen, 16" diameter x 26" face, all stainless steel, enclosed in stainless steel chamber, includes Cornell st... (More Details...)

  16. Screen, Rotary, 20" X 15", S/st, PR Aqua
    Stock Number: L740482
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Rotary microscreen drum filter, manufactured by PR Aqua. Unit is a Rotofilter model number RFM 2014. Drum measures 20... (More Details...)

  17. Screen, Rotary, 36" x 60", S/st, Key, Cornell Pump,
    Stock Number: C741715
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Key rotary screen, 36" diameter X 5' long, includes internal spirals, mounted on frame with water basin, includes Cor... (More Details...)

  18. Screen, Rotary, 5' x 12', S/st, Baycore Fibre, SDS 60120,
    Stock Number: C741708
    Location: California

    Rotary screen, 5' diameter X 12' long, manufactured by Baycore Fibre, type SDS 60120. Includes approximately 6" diame... (More Details...)

  19. Screen, Rotary, 9" x 26", Mauler, 5.5 HP, S/st, Screw
    Stock Number: S740426
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Mauler stainless steel rotary screw/screener measuring 9" dia x 26" long screen 1/8" mesh, screw 9" dia x 41" long. U... (More Details...)

  20. Screen, Rotary, Kice, 16" x 36", Mdl EA-36, 1/2 Hp
    Stock Number: S739092
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Kice model EA-36 rotary sifter, 16" diameter x 36" long, carbon steel construction, driven by 1/2 HP, 230/460 volt, 1... (More Details...)

  21. Screen, Rotex, 30" X 6', Triple, S/st,
    Stock Number: A741936
    Location: West Coast

    Stainless Steel Rotex Screen, model number 3423A AAML. Unit is a triple-deck ball-type screen. Mounted on painted ste... (More Details...)

  22. Screen, Rotex, 40" x 10', S/st, Single Deck, Mdl 42A-AL/SS
    Stock Number: C741916
    Location: Chowchilla, CA

    Rotex screen, model number 42A-AL/SS, measures 40" wide x 10' long, stainless steel screens, aluminum cover, complete... (More Details...)

  23. Screen, Rotex, 40" X 10', Single, 811, S/st, Less Drive,
    Stock Number: S663852
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Screen, Rotex model 811, 40" x 120", single deck with stainless steel contact parts and cover. Unit has approx. 33.... (More Details...)

  24. Screen, S/st, 150 Mesh, 21" x 40", (2)
    Stock Number: S734622
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    (2) Screen, stainless steel, 21" diameter x 40" straight side. Screen is approximately 150-200 mesh. (More Details...)

  25. Screen, Sifter, Gilson, 24", 1/3 HP, S/st,
    Stock Number: S737976
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Gilson sifter screen, 24" x 16" wide, 5 screens, model TS-1, has 12" x 16" opening working area. Screens are 3" deep ... (More Details...)

  26. Screen, Sifter, Gump, 28", Double Deck,
    Stock Number: S739758
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Sifting screen, manufactured by Gump. Unit has two decks measuring 28" X 28". Unit has a 6" diameter inlet leading to... (More Details...)

  27. Screen, Sifter, Gump, CP-43, S/st, Pressure, 48",
    Stock Number: S664635
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Gump Bar-Nun CP43 pneumatic in-line screens, 48" diameter pressure sifter, 15 PSI, test pressure 25 PSI (1) 6" inle... (More Details...)

  28. Screen, Sifter, Pfening, 30", S/st, 1 HP, Flour,
    Stock Number: S738299
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Screen, flour sifter, 30" diameter, manufactured by Pfening, all stainless steel contacts. Unit has a 30" diameter ... (More Details...)

  29. Screen, Smico, 44", Single, S/st, 2.5 HP, Sweco Type,
    Stock Number: S740828
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Single-deck stainless steel (Sweco-type) vibratory screen, manufactured by Smico Manufacturing Company, Inc., 44" dia... (More Details...)

  30. Screen, Sweco, 30", Double, S/st, Cover
    Stock Number: S741170
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Sweco screen, 30" diameter. Includes double deck and top cover. Model LS30S66, serial number BL69015C. Complete with ... (More Details...)

  31. Screen, Sweco, 30", Single, S/st, 1/2 HP, Mdl LS30S86,
    Stock Number: S739476
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Sweco screen, 30" diameter, Model number LS30S86. Unit is a single deck with approximately 6 mesh screen. Stainless s... (More Details...)

  32. Screen, Sweco, 30", Single, S/st, 1/2 HP, Mdl XS30F66,
    Stock Number: S741205
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Sweco screen, 30" diameter, single deck, model XS30F66, serial number 15699-A-892. Driven by 1/2 hp, 230/460V, 1140 R... (More Details...)

  33. Screen, Sweco, 30", Single, S/st, Castors
    Stock Number: S741172
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Sweco screen, 30" diameter, single deck. Model LS30S66, serial number LS30-579-54. Complete with 1/2 HP Baldor elect... (More Details...)

  34. Screen, Sweco, 40", 304 S/st, Single Deck, 1/2 HP, w/Cover
    Stock Number: S741744
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    New style Sweco screen, model number MX40S66KKSDWC, 304 stainless steel construction, 40" diameter. Unit is single de... (More Details...)

  35. Screen, Sweco, 48", S/st, Single Deck, Midwestern, 3 HP
    Stock Number: S740848
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Midwestern single deck stainless steel high capacity sifter. Unit is model MF-48S48-60 RAS. Unit has 3 hp 230/460 vol... (More Details...)

  36. Screen, Sweco, 48", S/st, Single, 2.5 HP, Kason,
    Stock Number: S741306
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Kason screen, 48" diameter, stainless steel deck, screen, clamp rings, etc. Can be set up as single deck or double de... (More Details...)

  37. Screen, Sweco, 60", Parts, S/st, Distribution Deck, (3)
    Stock Number: S738392
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    (3) Distribution deck for 60" Sweco screen, stainless steel construction, can be used with sweco, Kason or Midweste... (More Details...)

  38. Screen, Sweco, 60", Parts, S/st, Series Feed Frame,
    Stock Number: S738391
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Series feed frame for 60" Sweco screen, stainless steel construction, can be used with sweco, Kason or Midwestern s... (More Details...)

  39. Screen, Sweco, 60", S/st, Single Deck, Dust Cover, 2.5 HP,
    Stock Number: S741704
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Sweco 60" diameter stainless steel screen, currently set up as single deck screen with dust cover, all stainless stee... (More Details...)

  40. Screen, Tyler, Sieve, RX-24, 0.25 HP,
    Stock Number: S739968
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Tyler RX-24 portable sieve shaker, 0.25 hp single phase, 1725 rpm, 115 volt. Unit base dimensions 13-3/4" wide x 11" ... (More Details...)

  41. Screen, Tyler, Sieve, RX-24, 0.25 HP,
    Stock Number: S739974
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Tyler RX-24 portable sieve shaker, 0.25 hp single phase, 1725 rpm, 115 volt. Unit base dimensions 13-3/4" wide x 11" ... (More Details...)

  42. Screen, Vibratory, 17", Single, S/st, Sweco-Type,
    Stock Number: S741042
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Stainless steel vibratory screen, 17" diameter. Unit is a single-deck type with ball cleaning deck. Unit has 6" x 5" ... (More Details...)

  43. Screen, Vibratory, 20" Dia, S/st, Sifter, Burford, Flour,
    Stock Number: S741580
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Burford flour sifter, model 280, hopper capacity is 25 pounds, features stainless steel screen, portable on wheels. S... (More Details...)

  44. Screen, Vibratory, 24" x 26', S/st, Key, Iso-Flo,
    Stock Number: S741246
    Location: Chowchilla, CA

    Stainless steel vibratory screen / conveyor, measures 24" wide X 26' long, manufactured by Key Technology, Iso-Flo, m... (More Details...)

  45. Screen, Vibratory, 24" x 48", S/st, 1/8" Openings, 1 HP,
    Stock Number: S741832
    Location: Chowchilla, CA

    Stainless steel vibratory dewatering screen, measures 24" wide X 48" long, includes 1/8" diameter openings on screen.... (More Details...)

  46. Screen, Vibratory, 24" x 54", S/st, Conveyor Unit
    Stock Number: S734744
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Allen conveyor fabricated vibratory conveyor / screener. Unit is model D29933, Serial number 14022 and has aluminum ... (More Details...)

  47. Screen, Vibratory, 24" x 6', Selectro, S/st, 3 HP
    Stock Number: S740786
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Selectro Vibrating Screen single-Deck stainless steel Vibratory Sifter Shaker Screener size - 24" wide X 6' long, uni... (More Details...)

  48. Screen, Vibratory, 30" X 72", S/st, Dewatering,
    Stock Number: L740982
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Stainless steel vibratory dewatering screen, manufactured by Commercial. 30" wide X 72" long conveying section. Scree... (More Details...)

  49. Screen, Vibratory, 32" x 17" x 17", 1/2 Hp, Custom
    Stock Number: S741358
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Custom vibratory table with screen, trough size is 32" x 17" x 17", screen mesh is 3/32". Unit includes Standard Elec... (More Details...)

  50. Screen, Vibratory, 34" x 86", S/st, Dewatering,
    Stock Number: S738962
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Dewatering vibratory screen, stainless steel contacts. Unit measures 34" wide X 86" overall length with slotted dewat... (More Details...)

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