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  1. Scale, Balance, Mettler Toledo, type H6T, 160 g
    Stock Number: S738931
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Mettler Toledo analytical scale with balance tray, type H6T, 160 gram capacity, carbon steel. (More Details...)

  2. Scale, Balance, Pennsylvania, Mdl 10-10, 10 kg, S/st
    Stock Number: S738929
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Pennsylvania balance scale, stainless steel, model 10-10 with 10 kg (22-pound) capacity. Serial number 7332. (More Details...)

  3. Scale, Checkweigher, Icone, Auto Check 2000
    Stock Number: S730133
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Icore scale, model Auto Check 2000-SF, checkweigher. Unit is capable of weighing 55.4 - 82.4 grams presently. Unit i... (More Details...)

  4. Scale, Checkweigher, Icore, Mdl 1700-W,
    Stock Number: S658043
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Scale, checkweigher, Icore, model 1700-W, serial number 605586, with 5" wide x 7" weigher, 5" wide x 2' long take a... (More Details...)

  5. Scale, Checkweigher, Icore, Mdl 2000-W, (2)
    Stock Number: S658035
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    (2) Scale, checkweigher, Icore, model 2000-W, Auto-Checker. Serial number 616012. Units are single lane systems moun... (More Details...)

  6. Scale, Checkweigher, Kanetic, Mdl KCE1121H, 110V
    Stock Number: S732055
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Kanetic adjustable width checkweigher, unitized on frame, complete with Allen-Bradley micrologic controller. Unit com... (More Details...)

  7. Scale, Checkweigher, Mettler, Mdl PWPMM, Conveyor
    Stock Number: S739423
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Mettler Toledo hi speed checkweigher, model PWPMM, 120 VAC with conveyor measuring 10" wide x 16" long. (More Details...)

  8. Scale, Checkweigher, Ramsey, Autocheck 4000, S/st, 1/2 HP
    Stock Number: S740256
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Ramsey Icore Autocheck Checkweigher, Model Autocheck 4000. Belt: 8' X 12", chain conveyor 24" x 2-1/2" wide. Weight t... (More Details...)

  9. Scale, Checkweigher, Yamato, Mdl CSG20LW-FOP, Reject,
    Stock Number: C739368
    Location: Chowchilla, CA

    Yamato checkweigher, model number CSG20LW-FOP, includes 9-1/2" wide belt conveyor with drive. Weighing section measur... (More Details...)

  10. Scale, Dial, Chatillon, Mdl HB-1000-BA,
    Stock Number: C658176
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Scale, Dial, Chatillon, Model HB-1000-BA, 1,200-pound capacity; on casters. (More Details...)

  11. Scale, Discarge Valve, Pennwalt, Mdl A-619, Size 2, (2)
    Stock Number: S733520
    Location: Chowchilla, CA

    (2) Discharge valve, with mechanical scale mechanism, manufactured by Pennwalt, model A-619 022, size 2, 9" x 8-1/2" ... (More Details...)

  12. Scale, Discarge Valve, Wallace, Mdl A-619, Size 1,
    Stock Number: S733521
    Location: Chowchilla, CA

    Discharge valve, with mechanical scale mechanism, manufactured by Wallace & Tierman, model A-619 012, size 1, 6" x ... (More Details...)

  13. Scale, Dolly, Kubota, S/st, 28" x 36", Kg
    Stock Number: C735651
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Kubota dolly scale. Unit is stainless steel, has 28"w x 36" deep loading area. Unit is Model KM-U600-WG, weighs in ... (More Details...)

  14. Scale, Flex Weigh, Mdl DWMIV, 10,000# Cap, On Stand
    Stock Number: S738434
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Flex weigh scale, model DWMIV, 10,000# capacity. Unit includes electrical panel and is on stand. (More Details...)

  15. Scale, Pennsylvania, 30" x 30", Mdl 69PB-30-30, 1000#, C/st
    Stock Number: S732709
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Pennsylvania scale model 69PB30-30, Serial number 94-216639. Scale measures 30" x 30", has capacity of 1,000 pounds, ... (More Details...)

  16. Scale, Platform, 10,000 lb, 48" x 48", C/st, IQPLUS 355
    Stock Number: S740179
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Rice Lake Weighing Systems Model IQPLUS 355 platform floor scale, Model TI-500ss, rated for capacity of 10,000 lbs. S... (More Details...)

  17. Scale, Platform, 11" x 14", Mettler Toledo, S/st
    Stock Number: S741412
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Mettler Toledo Model IND560 11" x 14" platform scale, stainless steel. Unit includes new harsh (waterproof) indicator... (More Details...)

  18. Scale, Platform, 12" X 8.5", 40 lb., Torrey, Counter Top,
    Stock Number: S736994
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Counter top scale, trade price computing scale, 40 lb. max capacity x 0.01 lb, stainless steel construction, 12" x ... (More Details...)

  19. Scale, Platform, 13.5" X 9", 60 lb., Counter Top,
    Stock Number: S736995
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Counter top scale, trade price computing scale, 60 lb. max capacity,. 0005 lb division, stainless steel table top, ... (More Details...)

  20. Scale, Platform, 19" X 28", C/st
    Stock Number: S734265
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Scale, platform, 19" x 28", carbon steel, manual. (More Details...)

  21. Scale, Platform, 19" X 28", Cardinal
    Stock Number: C738313
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Scale, platform manufactured by Cardinal Detector, Model number 8852F and serial number 9501-363. Measures 19" x 28... (More Details...)

  22. Scale, Platform, 22" x 17", Mettler Toledo, 120 LB, Mdl TE/J
    Stock Number: S738836
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Mettler Toledo precision bench top scale, model TE/J, capacity .02 x 60K to .05 - 120 LB, size 22" x 17". Serial numb... (More Details...)

  23. Scale, Platform, 24" X 30", Mettler-Toledo, S/st,
    Stock Number: S736997
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Platform scale, 24" x 30" platform, all stainless steel construction, manufactured by Mettler Toledo, model Jaguar, ... (More Details...)

  24. Scale, Platform, 24" x 30", Ohaus, ES Series
    Stock Number: C737801
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Ohaus platform scale, 24" x30", ES series. (More Details...)

  25. Scale, Platform, 24" X 30", Toledo, Mdl 2181, 800 lb.,
    Stock Number: S658101
    Location: Northern California

    Platform scale, Toledo model 2181, with 24" x 30" platform, 800-pound capacity, serial number 575959-1. (More Details...)

  26. Scale, Platform, 24" X 30", Toledo, Mdl 2181, S/N 567590,
    Stock Number: Z658101
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Scale, platform, 24" x 30", Toledo, Model 2181, 800-pound capacity, serial number 567590. (More Details...)

  27. Scale, Platform, 24" x 32", SPX Mdl 350, 500#
    Stock Number: S741321
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    SPX model 350 platform scale, measuring 24" x 32" with 500 pound capacity, carbon steel/stainless steel construction.... (More Details...)

  28. Scale, Platform, 29" X 30", Electroscale, Mdl SEP-12K,
    Stock Number: S658100
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Electroscale platform scale, 1,000-pound capacity, 0.1 pound minimum graduation, digital readout. Platform is 29" x ... (More Details...)

  29. Scale, Platform, 30" X 30", Tank, Mettler Toledo Deckmat
    Stock Number: C738312
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Scale with a 30 gallon plastic tank that measures 18" diameter x 27" straight side. Sloped bottom unit with a cente... (More Details...)

  30. Scale, Platform, 36" X 36", GSE, Mdl GE-510,
    Stock Number: S731507
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Scale, GSE, General Weigh Systems Inc., Model GE-510, 120V, 1 amp, digital with 36" x 36" platform. Serial number 10... (More Details...)

  31. Scale, Platform, 48" X 48", 2200 lb. Cap, C/st
    Stock Number: S730327
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Carbon steel platform scale, 48" x 48". Unit needs more counter weights. 2200 lb capacity. OAD: 4' x 4' x 69" tall. (More Details...)

  32. Scale, Platform, Bench, United, 19" x 28", C/st, (2)
    Stock Number: S738785
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    (2) United bench platform scale. Unit is model 48OZ, with up to 1,000# capacity. Platform measures 19" x 28" and is o... (More Details...)

  33. Scale, Platform, Fairbanks, 5000 Lbs, 48" x 48",
    Stock Number: C737807
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Fairbanks floor scale, 48" x 48", with digital readout, manufactured by Fairbanks, 5000 lb capacity. Rated for up t... (More Details...)

  34. Scale, Platform, Weigh Tronix, Supersack, Mdl DSL-6060-05
    Stock Number: S741076
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Weigh Tronix model DSL-6060-05 carbon steel platform / supersack back scale. Unit has square frame with hooks for bag... (More Details...)

  35. Scale, Tank, Over/under Beam Type, 70,000 Lb,
    Stock Number: S658099
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Murphy-Cardinal 50 ton level beam scale, Serial number 55144. Unit last mounted with 7,000-gallon stainless steel egg... (More Details...)

35 Item(s)