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  1. Plant, Anhydrous Caustic Pilot, 54#/HR
    Stock Number: S583495
    Location: Chowchilla, CA

    Blaw Knox anhydrous caustic plant evaporator / drum flaker. Complete system rated at 126 pounds per hour water evap... (More Details...)

  2. Plant, Complete, SX-EW, Pilot Plant, Zinc, Skidded
    Stock Number: A741750
    Location: Europe

    Solvent Extraction and Electrowinning plant, skidded. Setup consists of six (6) skids with metallic frames (Electroly... (More Details...)

  3. Plant, Concrete Batch, 2.5 Yards per Batch, Johnson-Ross
    Stock Number: C739366
    Location: California

    Concrete batch plant, Johnson-Ross (CMI-Tarix) 2.5 cubic yards per batch. Semi-portable, powered by Ford Propane engi... (More Details...)

  4. Plant, Milling And Flotation, 2,200 Tons Per Day
    Stock Number: A740005
    Location: Canada

    Complete Plant, 2,200 tons per day, Crushing, Milling and Flotation of copper and zinc. Main items include: 36 x 48 J... (More Details...)

  5. Plant, Pallet Recycling, Hammer Mill, 200 HP, West Salem,
    Stock Number: C734524
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Pallet recycling plant, manufactured by West Salem Machinery. Includes hammer mill, Model# 2852BH, carbon steel, dr... (More Details...)

  6. Plant, SX-EW, Copper Pilot, 140 Kg/Day
    Stock Number: A739931
    Location: Europe

    Pilot Plant,Copper Solvent Extraction-Electrowinning. New 2014, includes 7 skids of equipment, Poly Leach and Mix Tan... (More Details...)

6 Item(s)

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