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  1. Mill, Roll, 12" X 12", Lehman, 15 HP, 2 Roll,
    Stock Number: S519267
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Lehman 2 roll mill, flaking/cracking type, 12" diameter x 12" face, equipped with a 15 HP, gear head, chain to spro... (More Details...)

  2. Mill, Roll, 10" X 22", JH Day, 10/5 HP, 3 Roll,
    Stock Number: S504600
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    J.H. Day 3-roll mill size 10" x 22". Unit complete with 10/5 HP 2 speed 440 volt drive. Mill has manual roll set is ... (More Details...)

  3. Mill, Roll, 6" X 12", Reliable, 2 Roll,
    Stock Number: C738353
    Location: Vicksburg, MS

    Roll mill, 6" diameter x 12" face, cored rolls, manufactured by Reliable, mild steel rolls with 1 Hp motor. Unit has... (More Details...)

  4. Mill, Roll, 6" X 12", Farrell, 7.5 HP, 2 Roll,
    Stock Number: C738354
    Location: Vicksburg, MS

    Roll mill, 6" diameter x 12" face, cored rolls, maufactured by Farrell, type H, mild steel rolls, heated by hot oil... (More Details...)

  5. Mill, Roll, 4" x 36", Ocrim, Cracking Roller Mill, 20 HP,
    Stock Number: C741906
    Location: Chowchilla, CA

    Ocrim pepper mill, cracking roller mill, includes multiple sets of cracking rollers, ranging from 2-1/2" diameter to ... (More Details...)

  6. Mill, Roll, 3-3/4" X 8", Kent, 3-3/4" X 8", 3 Roll
    Stock Number: Z506580
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Mill, roll, Kent, 3-3/4" x 8", 3 roll, manual adjustment, water cooled, less motor. (More Details...)

  7. Mill, Rod, 3' X 8', Marcy, No Motor,
    Stock Number: D741556
    Location: United States

    Rod Mill, 3' diameter X 8' long, manufactured by Marcy. Unit is currently less drive. Mounted on heavy-duty skid. ver... (More Details...)

7 Item(s)

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