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  1. Homogenizer, 316 S/st, 2-Stage, 26 GPM, Micro Fluidizer
    Stock Number: C740818
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    BEE International Micro Fluidizer Hi pressure homogenizer, model DEBEE 2000, 316 stainless steel product contact surf... (More Details...)

  2. Homogenizer, APV Gaulin, Mdl 30-30D, S/st,
    Stock Number: D737320
    Location: Northern California

    Homogenizer, Manton Gaulin (APV), Model 30-30CD, Stainless steel 30 CD homogenizing head (3-piston), capable of up t... (More Details...)

  3. Homogenizer, APV Gaulin, Mdl MS-45-5TBS-2280, 5000 PSI, 125 HP
    Stock Number: D741761
    Location: Midwest

    Stainless steel Homogenizer, manufactured by APV Gaulin, model number MS-45-5TBS-2280. Unit rated for maximum 5,000 P... (More Details...)

  4. Homogenizer, APV Rannie, Mini-Lab, S/st, 14,500 PSI,
    Stock Number: C741397
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Lab type homogenizer, manufactured by APV, all stainless steel construction. Unit is a 2-piston "Rannie" mini-lab typ... (More Details...)

  5. Homogenizer, Cherry Burrell, Mdl 1000, S/st,
    Stock Number: S740766
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Homogenizer/Plunger Pump, manufactured by Cherry-Burrell/Waukesha, model # 1000. Unit is a 2-stage homogenizer with t... (More Details...)

  6. Homogenizer, Cherry Burrell, Mdl SS2100VBR-HD6, 40/100 GPH,
    Stock Number: D734180
    Location: Southeast

    Cherry Burrell homogenizer, Model ss2100vbr-hd6, Stainless steel clad frame, manufacturer's rate capacity 40 to 100 ... (More Details...)

  7. Homogenizer, Crepaco, Mdl 5DD, S/st,
    Stock Number: S740761
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Homogenizer, manufactured by Crepaco, model # 5DD, serial # 5DD6-2466. Unit is a five (5) piston type homogenizer. In... (More Details...)

  8. Homogenizer, Crepaco, Mdl 5DS775, 6000 GPH, 125 HP,
    Stock Number: D734419
    Location: California

    Homogenizer, Crepaco Model 5ds775, S/st,6000 GPH @ 2500 PSI, dervy valve, driven by 125 HP motor, 3/60/460 volt. Re... (More Details...)

  9. Homogenizer, Gaulin, Mdl 1200 MS45, 8000 PSI, 2-stage,
    Stock Number: D738460
    Location: East Coast

    Gaulin homogenizer, Model# 1200 ms45 8tbs, Stainless steel clad homogenizer, 2-stage hva, rated for 8000 PSI, capaci... (More Details...)

  10. Homogenizer, Gaulin, Mdl 15M8TA, 1 Stage, S/St,
    Stock Number: S740788
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Homogenizer, model 15M8TA, Gaulin, single stage, lab size. Unit is stainless steel contact parts, driven by 2 Hp, 208... (More Details...)

  11. Homogenizer, Gaulin, Mdl 15M8TA, 8000 PSI, S/n 6839288,
    Stock Number: S732666
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Manton Gaulin homogenizer, model 15M8TA, rated at 8000 PSI, 2-stage unit. Last run on pharmaceutical application. Ser... (More Details...)

  12. Homogenizer, Gaulin, Mdl 15M8TBA, 8000 PSI, S/N 5725224
    Stock Number: S732665
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Manton Gaulin homogenizer, model 15M8TBA, rated at 8000 PSI, unit appears to be in good condition. Last run on pharm... (More Details...)

  13. Homogenizer, Gaulin, Mdl MC45, 5000 PSI, 2-stage,
    Stock Number: D738459
    Location: East Coast

    Gaulin homogenizer, Model# mc45 5tbs, Stainless steel clad homogenizer, 2-stage hva, rated for 5000 PSI, capacity r... (More Details...)

  14. Homogenizer, Gifford Wood, S/st, 10 HP,
    Stock Number: S442994
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Homogenizer, Gifford Wood, serial number 4H-7201SP. In-tank type, all stainless steel contacts, with 10 HP 3/60/230/... (More Details...)

  15. Homogenizer, S/st, Single Stage, 5000 PSI, 3 HP
    Stock Number: S740135
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Single stage homogenizer with (2) 3/4" dia plungers, all stainless steel contacts, has 3 hp, 230/460 volt, 1160 rpm d... (More Details...)

  16. Homogenizer, Superhomo, Mdl 400, 200 GPH, 15 HP
    Stock Number: S737934
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Superhomo Stellar Series 400 HD-6 homogenizer. Unit has single plunger size 13/16", rated for estimated at 200 GPH, m... (More Details...)

  17. Homogenizer, Triplex, S/st, 15 HP
    Stock Number: S738672
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Homogenizer, manufactured by Triplex. Unit is a three-cylinder type homogenizer with a pressure readout of up to 2,... (More Details...)

17 Item(s)