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  1. Compressor, Air Dryer, Airtek, Drain Master, Tanks
    Stock Number: S741737
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Airtek air dryer/compressor model Drain Master. No nameplate data. ...(More Details...)
  2. Compressor, Air Dryer, Oriad, Mdl 25EA-4, 60 CFM, 90 PSI,
    Stock Number: S736487
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Oriad compressed air dryer, desiccant style, model 25EA-4 rated for up to 60 CFM at 90 PSI. Unit has controls for 16 ho...(More Details...)
  3. Compressor, Air Dryer, Refrigerated, 1600 CFM @ 100 PSI,
    Stock Number: C226662
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Compressor, air, dryer, refrigerated, 1600 CFM at 100 PSI, Hankinson Model E-1600, capacity rated at 100 deg. F. dry t...(More Details...)
  4. Compressor, Air Dryer, Refrigerated, 2000 CFM @ 100 PSI,
    Stock Number: C226660
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Compressor, air, dryer, refrigerated, 2000 CFM at 100 PSI, Hankinson, Model E-2000, capacity rated at 100 deg. F dry t...(More Details...)
  5. Compressor, Air Dryer, Refrigerated, 2000 CFM @ 100 PSI, 61
    Stock Number: C226661
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Compressor, air, dryer, refrigerated, 2000 CFM at 100 PSI, Hankinson, Model E-2000, capacity rated at 100 deg. F dry t...(More Details...)
  6. Compressor, Air Dryer, Refrigerated, 800 CFM @ 100 PSI,
    Stock Number: C226663
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Compressor, air, dryer, refrigerated, 800 CFM at 100 PSI, HANKISON, Model 80800, capacity rated at 100 deg. F. Dry to ...(More Details...)
  7. Compressor, Air Dryer, Sullair, SR-150
    Stock Number: C735723
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Sullair air dryer, Model SR-150. Unit is 230V, single phase, serial number 2.44E. 09. ...(More Details...)
  8. Compressor, Air Dryer, Zeks, HeatSink, Mdl 150HSEA100, R22,
    Stock Number: S741183
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Zeks HeatSink Model 150HSEA100 air dryer, utilizes R22 refrigerant, 1# 2 per compressor. Unit has 1 HP fan, 1 HP compres...(More Details...)
  9. Compressor, Air Dryer, Zeks, Mdl 100HPS10M
    Stock Number: C735653
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Zeks Mfg. air dryer/compressor, Model 100HPS10M. Unit is rated 165 PSI at 250 degrees Fahrenheit, 150 maximum inlet air ...(More Details...)
  10. Compressor, Air Dryer, Zeks, Mdl 140HPS1HM
    Stock Number: C735652
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Zeks air dryer / compressor, Model 140HPS1HM. Unit is rated 65 PSI at 500 degrees Fahrenheit, 150 maximum inlet air pre...(More Details...)
  11. Compressor, Air, 10 HP, I-R, Mdl 254E10, 120 Gal Tank,
    Stock Number: S742187
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Ingersoll Rand air compressor, model 254E10, 10 Hp, electric stationary unit. Unit is 35 CFM at 175 PSI, 460 volt, seria...(More Details...)
  12. Compressor, Air, 10 HP, Size 6, Worthington,
    Stock Number: S732508
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Worthington air compressor, size 6, approx 30-35 CFM. Unit is 3-1/2" x 2-1/4", 10 HP, 220/440 motor, mounted ...(More Details...)
  13. Compressor, Air, 100 HP, Joy, TA045, 125 PSI
    Stock Number: S730564
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Joy Twist-air compressor, Model TA0450EAA4AE, 100 HP, 1770 RPM, 230/460 Volts, 8,449 hours. Unit has maximum pressure of...(More Details...)
  14. Compressor, Air, 100 HP, Quincy, 250 PSI, Air Dryer,
    Stock Number: C741780
    Location: Chowchilla, CA
    Quincy QSI-500 air compressor, model number QSI500ACA31EB, rated for 500 CFM, driven by 100 HP, 460V motor, includes Pow...(More Details...)
  15. Compressor, Air, 100 HP, Quincy, Mdl QRS6-100-41, Screw
    Stock Number: S739907
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Quincy 100 hp hilical screw air compressor, model QRS6-100-41, water cooled, (1) tube and shell heat exchanger, 490 CFM ...(More Details...)
  16. Compressor, Air, 125 HP, I-R, IRN125H-CC, Rotary
    Stock Number: S739908
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Ingersol Rand mdl IRN125H-CC rotary screw air compressor. Unit is 125 hp, 460 volt, operational free air delivery flow 5...(More Details...)
  17. Compressor, Air, 15 HP, Kaeser, Mdl SK-15-AC, Screw,
    Stock Number: A742319
    Location: Florida
    Kaeser model SK-15-AC rotary screw air compressor, like new condition. Compressor driven by 15 HP motor. Rated for up to...(More Details...)
  18. Compressor, Air, 15 HP, Size 6, Worthington, 3 Stage,
    Stock Number: S732509
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Worthington air compressor. 3 stage unit, 15 HP, 220/440V motor, mounted on 100 receiver tank rated for 200 PSI. Compr...(More Details...)
  19. Compressor, Air, 150 HP, Atlas Copco, 125 PSI, Oil Free
    Stock Number: S738545
    Location: Timmins, ON, Canada
    Air compressor, manufactured by Atlas Copco, model number ZT 110, driven by 150 HP motor, oil free compressor. Rated for...(More Details...)
  20. Compressor, Air, 150 HP, Davey, 150 PSI, Mdl 6P612,
    Stock Number: S223021
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Davey air compressor, model 6P612. Unit is driven by 150 HP motor, 150 PSI. Hour gage reads 13,984. Compressor is unit...(More Details...)
  21. Compressor, Air, 2 Hp, Reciprocating, 30 Gallon, Vert, Port
    Stock Number: C740488
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Reciprocating air compressor, two stage unit, 2 hp, 115/220 volt, rated for 125 psi. Unit has 30 gallon receiver tank, i...(More Details...)
  22. Compressor, Air, 20 HP, Bauer, Mdl RD-20, 100 PSI
    Stock Number: C735760
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Bauer air compressor rated for 100 PSIG, 20 HP, 4149 RPM. Unit is Model RD-20, 480V, has emergency stop button, temperat...(More Details...)
  23. Compressor, Air, 25 HP, Quincy, Mdl C-25-B, Screw,
    Stock Number: S740655
    Location: Chowchilla, CA
    Screw type air compressor, 25 HP, manufactured by Quincy, model C-25-B. 1750 RPM, 230/460 V, serial number 810551. ...(More Details...)
  24. Compressor, Air, 25 HP, Rotary Screw, Ingersoll Rand
    Stock Number: S741344
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Ingersoll Rand Model SSR-EP25SE rotary screw air compressor. 25 HP, 230/460 volt, 95 CFM, rated for 125 PSIG, serial num...(More Details...)
  25. Compressor, Air, 25 HP, Type WBR, 200 Gal Tank, Gardner
    Stock Number: S733885
    Location: Brisbane, CA
    Gardner Denver air cooled compressor. Unit is 25 HP, 220/440V, 3 ph, 3 cylinder. Type WBR, with 200 gallon receiver ta...(More Details...)
  26. Compressor, Air, 30 HP, Joy, TA-030TAN4E, Twistair,
    Stock Number: D736768
    Location: West Coast
    Compressor, air, Model TA-030TAN4E, 30 HP, Joy Twistair, 460 volts, 3-phase, 125 PSI, 1760 RPM, manufactured in 1984. ...(More Details...)
  27. Compressor, Air, 350 HP, Centrif., Howden, Nitrogen,
    Stock Number: C731914
    Location: Chowchilla, CA
    Howden compressor, screw type #MK4C/WLVB-255/22026/215. "Forced flow type compressor", last used in nitrogen ...(More Details...)
  28. Compressor, Air, 350 HP, Elliott, 1727 CFM, 60 PSI, (2)
    Stock Number: S223000
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    (2) Elliott air compressor, Pap-plus, model 150DA3, 3 stage centrifugal, driven by 350 HP, 3600 RPM, 2300 volt. Compre...(More Details...)
  29. Compressor, Air, 5 HP, Champion, Mdl R15Bm, Recip, 80 Gal
    Stock Number: S740275
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Champion air compressor, two stage reciprocating compressor, driven by 5 HP, 230 volt, 1740 RPM motor. Unit has Crankcas...(More Details...)
  30. Compressor, Air, 5 HP, Curtis Master Line, Receiver Tank,
    Stock Number: S736499
    Location: Brisbane, CA
    Compressor, 5 HP, manufactured by Curtis Master Line, model number P96A, mounted on a horizontal receiver tank, reciproc...(More Details...)
  31. Compressor, Air, 5 HP, Quincy, Mdl OT-5, Reciprocating,
    Stock Number: C739896
    Location: Sanger, CA
    Quincy OT-5 reciprocating 5 HP air compressor, Model MQT5ST5HP. Compressor is driven by 5 HP, 1735 RPM, 230/460V motor, ...(More Details...)
  32. Compressor, Air, 5500 HP, Joy Turbo, 22,500 CFM @ 215 PSI,
    Stock Number: S733836
    Location: Chowchilla, CA
    Joy Turbo air compressor, rated for 22,500 CFM @ 215 PSI, Model 4MSGP-12HZ. 5500 HP, 4000V, 3-phase, 60Hz 684 amps. 4-st...(More Details...)
  33. Compressor, Air, 60 HP, Compair, Screw, 250 CFM,
    Stock Number: S734011
    Location: Brisbane, CA
    Air compressor, manufactured by Compair Broomwade, "CRS 60", Model number L012, rotary screw type, rated betwe...(More Details...)
  34. Compressor, Air, 600 HP, 600 PSI, Compair, 5238 Set,
    Stock Number: A738684
    Location: West Coast
    High pressure air compressor, manufactured by Compair, 5238 air compressor set, driven by 450 kW (600 HP) motor, 460V, ...(More Details...)
  35. Compressor, Air, 7.50 HP, Quincy, Mdl 34032, Reciprocating,
    Stock Number: S735453
    Location: Brisbane, CA
    Compressor, Air, Quincy, Model 34032, Serial number 879416L, size 5-1/4, 3 x 3-1/2, reciprocating type, driven by 7-1/2 ...(More Details...)
  36. Compressor, Air, 74 HP, Atlas Copco, 350 CFM, 132 PSI,
    Stock Number: S738544
    Location: Timmins, ON, Canada
    Air compressor, manufactured by Atlas Copco, Model number GA 55, driven by 73.8 HP motor, rated for 320 CFM, 132 PSI, 30...(More Details...)
  37. Compressor, Air, 75 HP, Atlas Copco, 175 CFM @ 125 PSI,
    Stock Number: S223070
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Atlas Copco air compressor, model number GAU 709 WC PACK, serial number ARP 758 893, screw type, enclosed with 75 HP 3...(More Details...)
  38. Compressor, Air, 75 HP, I-R, 145 PSI, Mdl N75A/C,
    Stock Number: S740654
    Location: Chowchilla, CA
    Air compressor, 75 HP, rated for 145 PSI. Manufactured by Ingersoll Rand, model N75A/C. 97 amp, 460 volts, 3 phase / 60 ...(More Details...)
  39. Compressor, Gas, Gardner Denver, 150 HP, System,
    Stock Number: C735228
    Location: Brisbane, CA
    Gas compressor system, biogas, includes Gardner Denver compressor, Model SSPG99B, 150 HP, 240 deg. F max disch., 250 P...(More Details...)
  40. Compressor, Gas, Nitrogen, 16 CFM, 95 PSI, Hycomp,
    Stock Number: S741670
    Location: Brisbane, CA
    Hycomp nitrogen gas compressor, model 2AN35D-H3321-BLMV A10-20/10T, serial number 100103-502, Unused and in excellent co...(More Details...)
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40 Item(s)

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