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  1. Boiler, 1.25 HP, Mokon, Electric, Water, Mdl DR4309QJ, 9kW
    Stock Number: S741220
    Location: Chowchilla, CA
    Mokon electric water heater, Model number DR4309QJ, 9kW, maximum temperature 250 degrees Fahrenheit, 460 volts, 3-phase...(More Details...)
  2. Boiler, 16 HP, Chromalox, Electric, 100 PSIG, 12 KW
    Stock Number: S735491
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Chromalox electric boiler, Model CES-012A0010-243. Rated for 12 kW, unit is 240 Volt, 3-phase, 29 amps, 60 Hz. Controll...(More Details...)
  3. Boiler, 30 HP, Fulton, Mdl FB-300-L, Electric
    Stock Number: A743552
    Location: Southeast
    Fulton Electric Boiler, model FB-300-L, serial number 110694. Unit rated for 1,050 pounds per hour steam. Driven by 30 H...(More Details...)
  4. Boiler, 48 HP, Kewanee, 125 PSI, NAT Gas, Low-Nox Burner
    Stock Number: S743802
    Location: City of Industry, CA
    Kewanee Boiler rated for 48 HP, 139mm BTU on natural gas, rated for 125 PSI operation. Boiler was manufactured in 1979 b...(More Details...)
  5. Boiler, 5.5 HP, Coates, Electric, 125 PSI, 54 kW
    Stock Number: C737969
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Coates electric water heater, 5.5 HP, Model LS4654-D1. Unit designed as inline electric hot water booster heater uniti...(More Details...)
  6. Boiler, 6.6 HP, Riemers, Electric, 100 PSI, 60 kW
    Stock Number: S736803
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Riemers electric boiler model RH60, 6.6 HP, rated at 100 PSI steam service and 460 volt electrical. Electrical capacit...(More Details...)
  7. Boiler, 80 HP, Finn-Aqua, Clean Steam, 116 PSI, 316L S/st,
    Stock Number: S737619
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Finn-Aqua pure steam generator, Model 1500-S1, rated for 1240 kg per hour pure steam at 116 PSI. Unit features 80 Hp, al...(More Details...)
  8. Boiler, 800 HP, Miura, Mdl LX-200SGI, (4)
    Stock Number: C743909
    Location: Shasta, CA
    (4) Miura Model LX-200SGI High Pressure Steam Boiler, 200 HP, 6,695,000 BTU's per hour output, Propane-fired, Low N...(More Details...)
  9. Boiler, 9 HP, Peerless Boiler, 15 PSI, 323 Lbs/Hr Steam,
    Stock Number: S742386
    Location: Chowchilla, CA
    Peerless Boilers Gas-Fired Boiler, boiler number 64-08-SPRK-W/s. Maximum BTU's per hour: 399,000. Gross output: (Wa...(More Details...)
  10. Boiler, 9.5 HP, Ajax, Gas-fired, 328 Lbs/HR Steam, 100 PSI,
    Stock Number: D737527
    Location: New Jersey
    Steam boiler, 9.5 HP, manufactured by Ajax, Model SNGIOC-W. 9. 5 HP. 328 lbs/hr. Rated 399,000 BTU/hr max input - 319,...(More Details...)
  11. Boiler, 9.5 HP, Ajax, Gas-fired, 328 Lbs/HR Steam, 100 PSI,
    Stock Number: D737525
    Location: New Jersey
    Steam boiler, 9.5 HP, manufactured by Ajax, Model SNGIOC-W, 9. 5 HP. 328 pounds per hour. Rated 399,000 BTU's per h...(More Details...)
  12. Boiler, 9.5 HP, Ajax, Gas-fired, 328 Lbs/HR Steam, 100 PSI,
    Stock Number: D737524
    Location: New Jersey
    Steam boiler, 9.5 HP, manufactured by Ajax, Model SNGIOC-W, 9. 5 HP. 328 lbs/hr. Rated 399,000 BTU's per hour; maxi...(More Details...)
  13. Boiler, 9.5 HP, Fulton, 100 PSI, Gas-fired, ICS 9.5-LE (7)
    Stock Number: S737079
    Location: Chowchilla, CA
    (7) Fulton boilers, 9.5 HP, Model number ICS 9.5-LE rated for 100 PSI, natural gas, 328 pounds per hour steam, fuel-fire...(More Details...)
  14. Boiler, Clean Steam, Chemline, 200 GPM, S/st, 150 PSI (2)
    Stock Number: S737465
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    (2) Unused Cemline steam heated semi-instantaneous packaged hot water heater with 316L stainless steel contact parts. Un...(More Details...)
  15. Boiler, Hot Oil, Aquatemp, 3 HP Compressor
    Stock Number: S742526
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Aquatemp Electric Oil Heater/Chiller, Model HACL-3-1T. Unit has a temperature range between 0 degrees Fahrenheit to 180 ...(More Details...)
  16. Boiler, Hot Oil, Cleaver Brooks, Mdl IPT200-12, 30 PSI,
    Stock Number: S731494
    Location: Brisbane, CA
    Hot oil boiler, manufactured by Cleaver Brooks, model IPT200-12. Rated 30 PSI at 600 degrees Fahrenheit and has a 3 HP,...(More Details...)
  17. Boiler, Hot Oil, Heatec, Mdl HCS 250, 3MM BTU, 650 deg F
    Stock Number: S743632
    Location: Chowchilla, CA
    Heatec Model HCS-250 hot oil system including 3MM BTU burner, 380 square feet heating area. System rated for 125 PSI at ...(More Details...)
  18. Boiler, Hot Oil, Process Combustion, 9 MM BTU/hr, 150 PSI
    Stock Number: S120050
    Location: New Jersey
    Process Combustion, Model NDEO686-18EK hot oil boiler, rated 9,000,000 BTU per hour at 150 PSI at 700 degrees Fahrenheit...(More Details...)
  19. Boiler, Hot Oil, Sterlco, Electric, Mdl F6026-DX,
    Stock Number: C732729
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Sterlco hot oil heater unit, Model F6026-DX. Unit is portable, last running small extrusion system. Temperature range: 1...(More Details...)
  20. Boiler, Parker, 125 PSI, 25 Gallon, C/st, 13" x 52"
    Stock Number: S741994
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Carbon steel Parker Boiler, rated for 125 PSI, measures 13" diameter x 52" straight side, on legs. Unit is 25 ...(More Details...)
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