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Food Liquidations: Sauce Cooking Mixing and Packaging Plant

Sauce Cooking, Mixing and Packaging Facility Liquidation

We have started the liquidation of sauce processing facility where they were opening the cans containing ingredients, mixing & cooking the ingredients in kettles, packaging the sauce into bags and cooling these bags after being filled. The major items in this liquidation include (1) Groen 200 gallon jacketed agitated kettle,  (2) Groen 150 gallon jacketed agitated kettles, (1) Groen 100 gallon jacketed agitated kettle, Groen rotary blancher used to cool the bags, Groen pump & fill station with tipper tie clipper, Edlund can opening system for #10 cans, (1) 72” accumulation table and more.

  • Groen Cook/Chill System
  • Groen Jacketed Kettles
  • Groen Jacketed Agitated Kettles
  • Cooking and Mixing Kettles
  • Scrape Surface Agitated Kettles
  • Wide Sweep Agitated Kettles
  • Groen Rotary Reel/screw blancher
  • Groen Rotary pouch cooler
  • Groen "Capcold" Fill Station
  • Stainless Steel 72" accumulation table
  • Edlund Can Opening System
  • and more!

"Groen Rotary Reel Blancher"

Groen Rotary Reel Blancher


Edlund Can Opening System[ zoom ] Edlund Can Opening System[ zoom ]