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Used WeighPack Equipment

WeighPack is a manufacturer of the following types of equipment:Form, Fill and Seal. Weight Filler, Pouch Filler, Arger Filler, Horizontal Wrapper and Combination Scale. Machinery and Equipment is pleased to have an inventory of Used WeighPack equipment for sale from our large inventory of used equipment. We invite you to browse our available inventory for this fine manufacturer along with hundreds of others available.

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  1. Conveyor, Belt, 13" X 84", S/st, Incline, Cleats
    Stock Number: C742467
    Location: Chowchilla, CA
    Weighpack Incline cleated plastic belt conveyor, 13" wide X 84" long, 2" high cleats on 12" spacing,...(More Details...)
  2. Filler, Box, Weigh, 2-Lane, Weigh Pack, Type Multi Trix,
    Stock Number: C741719
    Location: Brisbane, CA
    Weigh Pack Systems vibratory weigh filler, type Multi Trix, dual lane, last filling 40-pound boxes, model number AEF-25,...(More Details...)
  3. Filler, Form, Fill & Seal, WeighPack, Vertek, Weigh Filler,
    Stock Number: C742430
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    WeighPack PrimoLinear Scale Model V-5 2L/3P weigh filler with Vertek Model 750 form, fill & seal machine. Weighpack ...(More Details...)
  4. Filler, Weigh, Belt, Weighpack, Mdl AEF7, S/st
    Stock Number: S742611
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Weighpack Model AEF7 linear bucket scale filler. Includes single lane belt feeder to weigh bucket with single discharge....(More Details...)
  5. Filler, Weigh, Vibratory, Weighpak, Mdl B1 MS
    Stock Number: A740360
    Location: Northwest
    Vibratory weigh filler, manufactured by Weighpak, model # B1 MS. Unit includes scale with capacity of five (5) pounds. P...(More Details...)
  6. Filler, Weigh, WeighPack, PrimoLinear, Mdl V-5 2L/3P
    Stock Number: C742585
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    WeighPack PrimoLinear Scale Model V-5 2L/3P weigh filler, single lane linear weigher. Scale rated for up to 20 cycles pe...(More Details...)
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6 Item(s)

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