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Used Stokes Equipment

Stokes Tablet Press, Coating Pan, Granulator Mill, Tablet Deduster and Hardness Tester. Machinery and Equipment is pleased to have an inventory of Used Stokesequipment for sale from our large inventory of used equipment. We invite you to browse our available inventory for this fine manufacturer along with hundreds of others available.

Other names associated with Stokes- CCS, Compression Components &Service.

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  1. S291420
    Dryer, Tray, 28" X 36", 24 Trays, Stokes,
    Stock Number: S291420
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Tray dryer, Stokes, Model 38-6, steam heated oven. Tray dryer is complete with cart, designed to accommodate 28"...(More Details...)
  2. S735018
    Dryer, Tray, Vacuum, 30 SF, 5 Trays, Coated, Stokes
    Stock Number: S735018
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Tray dryer, 30" x 36" x 36" chamber, manufactured by Stokes, includes (5) trays measuring 24" wi...(More Details...)
  3. S739939_E
    Dryer, Tray, Vacuum, Freeze, Stokes, 230 SF, S/st, (2)
    Stock Number: S739939
    Location: Chowchilla, CA
    (2) Stokes vacuum tray freeze dryers, Model# 902-216-220, approximately 220 SF surface area. Includes (13) 54" w...(More Details...)
  4. S276434
    Dryer, Vacuum, Conical, 10 CF, Ceramic & S/st, Stokes,
    Stock Number: S276434
    Location: Brisbane, CA
    Vacuum dryer, Stokes, model 900-159-202, 10 cu. ft., double conical, stainless steel with ceramic liner and carbon st...(More Details...)
  5. S740508_A
    Polisher, Capsule, Stokes, Mdl. 900-180-8,
    Stock Number: S740508
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Stokes Capsule Polisher, Model 900-180-8. Designed for cleaning and polishing hard gelatin capsules in a single step....(More Details...)
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5 Item(s)

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