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IMA is a manufacturer of the following types of equipment:Freeze Dryer, Tablet Press, Capsule Filler, Vial Filler, Coating Pan, Granulator, Washer, Mixer, Fluid Bed Dryer, Mill, Blister Packer, Aseptic Filler, Capper, Cartoner, Tablet Counter, X-Ray Detector, Unscrambler, Tube Filler, Case Packer, Overwrapper and Bundler. Machinery and Equipment is pleased to have an inventory of Used IMA equipment for sale from our large inventory of used equipment. We invite you to browse our available inventory for this fine manufacturer along with hundreds of others available.

Other names associated with IMA-IMA Group, Zanasi.

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  1. D740694_A
    Cartoner, IMA, Mdl Flexa CLD, Placer, Inserter, Line, (2)
    Stock Number: D740694
    Location: Midwest
    (2) IMA cartoning line, consisting of IMA Fastpik robot to properly place product onto conveyor, leading to IMA Flexa...(More Details...)
  2. S738588_A
    Conveyor, Belt, 1" X 9'6", S/st, Vial
    Stock Number: S738588
    Location: Brisbane, CA
    Belt conveyor, manufactured by IMA, stainless steel mesh belt conveyor, measures 1" wide x 9'6" long, ...(More Details...)
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2 Item(s)

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