Used Fitzpatrick Equipment

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  1. Compactor, Chilsonator, Fitzpatrick, S/st, Mdl SN,
    Stock Number: S735127
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Chilsonator, stainless steel, model SN, manufactured by Fitzpatrick, 6" x 6-5/8" compactor rolls, stainless steel c... (More Details...)

  2. Dryer, Fluid Bed, Fitz, FA-250, 304 S/st, 1/2 HP,
    Stock Number: S732535
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Fitzpatrick fluid bed dryer, batch model FA-250 Fitzaire, all wetted parts being 304 stainless steel, 250# load cap... (More Details...)

  3. Extruder, 10" Dia., Fitzpatrick, Malaxator, S/st, 10" X 6.5'
    Stock Number: Z320055
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Fitzpatrick Malaxator, mixer-extruder. 10" diameter X 6-1/2' long sanitary stainless barrel with split opening for ... (More Details...)

  4. Extruder, 6" Dia., Fitzpatrick, Malaxator, S/st, 6" X 3.5'
    Stock Number: S321690
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Fitzpatrick Malaxator, mixer-extruder, 6" diameter x 3-1/2' long sanitary stainless steel barrel with split opening... (More Details...)

  5. Mill, Fitz, DASO-6, S/st, 20 HP, Screw Feeder,
    Stock Number: S470680
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Mill, Fitzpatrick model DASO-6, stainless steel, screw fed mill. Includes fixed blunt hammers with stelite tips, wate... (More Details...)

  6. Mill, Fitz, DKS-12, S/st, 10 HP, Chute Feed,
    Stock Number: S470674
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    FitzMill, model DKS-12, hammermill, manufactured by Fitzpatrick, complete with fixed knife blade hammers, stainless... (More Details...)

  7. Mill, Fitz, F8, S/st, 25 HP,
    Stock Number: Z470682
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Mill, Fitzpatrick Model F8, stainless steel, with carbon steel swing type blades and a 25 HP V-belt drive and is un... (More Details...)

  8. Mill, Fitz, F-9, S/st, 30 HP,
    Stock Number: S470650
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    FitzMill, Fitzpatrick model F-9, stainless steel, 16 stair-step fixed hammers, direct connected to 30 HP 220/440 vo... (More Details...)

  9. Mill, Fitz, H30, C/st, 250 HP, Horizontal Feed Throat , (2),
    Stock Number: C730769
    Location: King City, CA

    (2) Mill, Fitzpatrick, Model H-30, series HAQ-30-313, 18" diameter x 30" long rotor, carbon steel contact parts, sw... (More Details...)

  10. Mill, Fitz, KSO-7, S/st, 30 HP, Stairstep Blades,
    Stock Number: S470710
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    FitzMill, Fitzpatrick model KSO-7, serial number 6297, with stainless steel stairstep blades and housing. Mill is d... (More Details...)

10 Item(s)