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  1. Mixer, Agitator, 10 HP, Denver, C/st,
    Stock Number: S523875
    Location: Northern California

    Agitator, Denver Super 30" with 10 HP drive. Carbon steel agitator is 30" diameter x 10' long & spins @ 180 RPM. Prev... (More Details...)

  2. Mixer, Agitator, Denver #8, R/L,
    Stock Number: S734161
    Location: Chowchilla, CA

    Agitator, Denver #8, gear reducer, name plate number 3347ASS60, no motor, complete with V-belt pully, 12' diameter ... (More Details...)

  3. Crusher, Jaw, 2-1/2" X 3-1/2", Denver, Lab Size
    Stock Number: D735904

    Jaw crusher, 2-1/2" x 3-1/2", manufactured by Denver, lab size unit. (More Details...)

  4. Holoflite, 24" X 14', C/st, 150/30 PSI, Denver, Single Screw
    Stock Number: S736450
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Denver holoflite processor, 24" diameter x 14' long, single screw, model number S-2414-6 DED, carbon steel constructi... (More Details...)

  5. Mill, Rod, 30" x 54", Denver, Type C, 10 HP
    Stock Number: D740100
    Location: California

    Denver Rod Mill, Type C, measures 30" x 54". Includes 10 HP motor. Includes rods and liners. Includes Metso (Sala) ve... (More Details...)

  6. Mill, Ball, 12" X 5", Denver, Lab Type
    Stock Number: C741335
    Location: Pennsylvania

    Denver Ball Mill, 12" diameter X 5" long, lab type. Features steel liners and balls, model number 230994, serial numb... (More Details...)

  7. Mill, Ball, 3' X 5', Denver, 20 HP, Right Hand,
    Stock Number: D741554
    Location: United States

    Denver Ball Mill, 3' diameter X 5' long. Unit is a right-hand type mill. Complete with main drive and chain guard. Un... (More Details...)

7 Item(s)