Reactor, 65 Gallon (250 Liters), Inconel, Jacketed, Agitated #S745442

Reactor, 65 Gallon (250 Liters), Inconel, Jacketed, Agitated #S745442

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100-Liter (26 Gallon) Inconel Reactor Vessel, Manufactured by Northland Stainless, Inc. Constructed of I-622 Alloy, Rated for a maximum allowable working pressure (MAWP) of 45 PSI/Full Vacuum at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Jacket rated for 125 PSI at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Multiple top inlets, clamps and probes, dished bottom. Forklift ready, mobile on casters. National Board number 3296. Serial number 0215631-1. Manufactured 2003. Includes Lightnin agitator with control panel. Previously used in biotech operation.


Stock NumberS745442
ManufacturerNorthland Stainless, Inc.
Serial Number0215631-1
Gallons65 (250) Liters
Materials of ConstructionI-622 Alloy
Jacket Pressure45 PSI maximum allowable working pressure
Internal Pressure125 PSI at 350 degrees Fahrenheit
National Board Number3296
Previous UseBiotech Operation