Townsend Kontura Sausage Forming, Hot Dog Extrusion Line #S745170

Townsend Kontura Sausage Forming, Hot Dog Extrusion Line #S745170

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Townsend Kontura High Speed Sausage Forming Line with brine shower cabinet, brine reservoir, cross-linker pump, cross-linker reservoir, drive motors and touch screen controller. System includes Kontura belt, crimping wheel with drive, brine heaters, collagen pump. All materials are food grade. Belt is rated for approximately 6 ft/sec. Last used as Hot Dog Extrusion Line, 7-tier system with 2" wide belt, 2" clearance, 14' long conveyor. Offered with SPX stainless steel pump, inline filter, crimper/exit conveyor, 12' long, (13) crimpers, 5' centers, control panel, Serial number 108. Electricals: 480 Volts, 50 Hz. 80 Amps.


Stock NumberS745170
ManufacturerTownsend Kontura
Serial Number108
Materials of ConstructionStainless Steel
Previous UseHot Dog / Sausage

Additional Information

The Kontura® sausage-forming machine is designed for industrial production of extruded sausage products. It combines meat emulsion with edible collagen coating to create a continuous sausage rope. The collagen solidifies through a chemical reaction with a salt solution and cross-linker. The machine operates automatically as long as the supplies of emulsion, collagen, and cross-linker are available. It accommodates a wide range of meat formulations. The sausage rope is formed by the machine, which uses a meat pump to supply emulsion and a separate pump for collagen gel. The rope is then treated with a brine solution for strength before being handled. The machine is user-friendly with touch screen controls and safety switches.