Tank, 200 Gallon, Propane and Air Mixer, Algas SDI, Model XPV 28-5 C744903

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Stock NumberC744903
ManufacturerAlgas SDI
ModelXPV 28-5
Serial Number0100252-1
Previous UseBrewery operation


Gas Blending System for Liquid Propane and Air, manufactured by Algas SDI, model XPV 28-5. Self-contained unit provides a natural gas compatible mixture of propane and air or LPG vapor and air. Features dry electric vaporizer and Venturi mixer with accumulator tank. Tank measures 30" diameter x 68" long straight side with dished ends. Venturi mixing capacity of 14 MMBTU per hour. Maximum working pressure of 250 PSI (vaporizer) and 50 PSI (receiver). Vaporizor model XP160S, 480 V, 3-phase, 50-60 Hz, 48 amps, 40 kW. Manufactured in 2001, serial number 0100252-1.