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Stock NumberA744191
ModelPerfecta 3000
Serial Number23343


Fette Model Perfecta 3000 Tablet Press, set up as 45-station, 100 Kn main compression, 20 Kn pre-compression, 16 mm maximum tablet diameter, 18 mm maximum depth of fill, with feed hoppers and force feeders, rated up to 486,000 tablets/hour. Set up for 460 Volt, 3-Phase. Inspection report available upon request. Previously used in nutritional supplement application.


Power was applied to machine; press would not run; found missing safety door switches and magnets and bypass all safety; all emergency switches not working; the safety relay has been removed; all the safety components need to be repair or replaced before machine is put into operation; this panel has been heavily modified; this panel was shipped door down and the components were hanging; broken transformer mounts; front e-stop bypassed; HMI cable was damaged and cut from PLC and unplugged from screen, now there is no way to control tonnage for main and pre-compression; I manually engaged the contacts and heard the pump, but have no way to know if it was building pressure; unit has frequency drive; I pulled the cover to reattach the motor leads and it was full of power; wrong drive to be open to powder, should be in a enclosure or have a washdown drive; the drive power leads were not wired properly; I had to jump the run contact to get the main drive to run;  main drive started and ran; clutch engaged, and turret started; feeders motors started with turret; main drive motor speed control is mounted on side of panel; feeder speeds labels do not match the feeders, front changes rear speed and rear changes front speed; clutch starts but will not disengage, you have to push the stop button and turn everything off; original increase speed switch worked; original decrease speed never worked; feeder speed was tested and works; HMI is not connected to PLC, I do not know if it works; this HMI was discontinued in 2006; also found cut wires in machine that I have not yet identified; electrical cabinets need new filters, filters are missing and cabinet and components are covered in powder;


Press was cleaned; turret was cleaned and rust removed; die table was stoned with 120,360 and 400 stones to remove burrs from die sockets and a die installed to test if burrs were removed; no measurements were performed on punch bores and die sockets; all upper and lower punch seals need to be replaced; lower punch retainer and clips need replacing; both thickness/penetration gearboxes are frozen due to rust; both boxes will need to be rebuilt with new bearings; cams are worn and have damage; weight cam adjustments are hard to turn; weight cam boxes will need to be disassembled, greased and reassembled; pressure roll surfaces have no major damage; feed frames have wear; feed frames were full of powder; feed frames were disassembled and cleaned; scrape off and take off blades need replacing; All feed frame wear items need replacing; has damaged door handles and lock buttons will need to be replaced or repaired; rear door needs repair; chutes were damaged in transport-they were shipped installed on press;  the actuators are not working; hoppers are very rough; the tonnage gauges need replacing; one gauge has needle glued to face and face is glued to housing; all gauges need replacing and to be tested with pump; front panel damaged.

This machine is missing the lower panels.

This machine needs a lot of work. I could not test all the systems due to the conditions above.