Tank, 2,000 Gallon, 316L Stainless Steel, UL 142, 5' X 14', Agitated #S743622

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Chowchilla, CA

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Stock NumberS743622
Serial Number602360-2
Materials of Construction316L Stainless Steel
Previous UseBiofuel


Stainless steel 2,000 gallon tank, 316L stainless steel, UL 142 rated vessel. Measures 5' diameter X 14' straight side, cone top, flat bottom. Rated for less than 15 PSI design pressure, negative 10" WG design vacuum, 212 degrees Fahrenheit, negative 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Complete with top entering agitation, Sharpe Mixers, Model 0.5N2V-31 agitator drive, 0.50 HP drive, leading to 2" diameter stainless steel shaft with 4-blade pitched turbine blades, 36" diameter swing. Includes 24" diameter flanged side bottom manway, 2" diameter side bottom outlet and 2" drain. Top openings: 6" center top opening for agitator, 8" vent and various 1" to 4" inlets. Certified by Spokane Industries, Tank ID RDVT-224, Serial number 602360-2. Previously used as Glycerin surge tank at biodiesel facility.