Furnace, Powder Synthesis Reactor, 1600 Deg C, Scrubber, #C742549

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Stock NumberC742549
ManufacturerThermal Technology
Max Temperature1,600 degrees C


Thermal Technology Powder synthesis reactor / furnace, includes 3-zone SiC heated clam shell furnace, rated for up to 1600 degrees Celsius with vacuum tight SiC tube. Complete with Quadraxial top-down nested injector assembly, high temperature cyclone, high temperature transfer pipe to cyclone and collector, twin vertical scrubbers with scrubber blower and exhaust, liquid ring vacuum pump rated for 10 - 100 millitorr. Also includes powder collection, effluent condensation, Logic control cabinet, computer controller, power supply, mass flow controls, (2) gas mass flow, (1) liquid mass flow metered air to N2. The system is designed to inject liquids and gases (and some solids) rapidly down through a low pressure high temperature reaction chamber (flame or combustion) passing on through to the cyclone where all reaction product solids are collected and gaseous effluents are passed through to the scrubber.  Most all solids and dusted are collected together.