Fryer, Incalfer, Batch, S/st, Gas-Fired, 75-550 lbs/hr #A742484

Fryer, Incalfer, Batch, S/st, Gas-Fired, 75-550 lbs/hr #A742484

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Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Incalfer Batch Fryer, product code FB-35-Tilt, all 304 stainless steel construction. Unit is a gas-fired fryer rated for between 75 - 550 lbs/hr depending on product. For example, 550lbs/hr for Peanuts and Lima beans, 308 lbs/hr for frying Corn, and 110 lbs/hr for Plantains. Product is heated through a heat exchanger submerged in oil; basket is pivoted by pneumatic piston. Oil Pan capacity measures 330 liters. Includes METLER burner of 150,000Kcal/Hr, gas packed glp at 28 mbar. Burner is capable of high and low fire. Burner driven by 1/2 HP, 1/60Hz, 220V motor. Complete with electric control panel and Allen Bradley touch screen PLC.


Stock NumberA742484