Filler, Keg, Sanitizer, Lanbrechts, Compact 235, Tank #A743617

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Stock NumberA743617
ModelCompact 235
Materials of ConstructionStainless Steel
Previous UseBeverage Processing
Filler TypeKeg Filler


Lambrechts Model Compact 235 keg sanitizer/filler with washing station and filling station. Also includes sanitizer tank, controller with touch screen controls. Unitized on portable skid. The Compact 235 kegger has been designed to load and unload manually and wash, sterilize and fill kegs automatically at a high production rate. The system is capable of processing a range of keg sizes from 10 liters to 60 liters. System is capable of processing 35 - 50 liter kegs per hour. The Compact 235 includes an operator control station, mounted on the front side of the unit which is comprised of a Siemens PLC controller, a machine mimic, a message fault display and all necessary operator controls. New in 2011. Good condition.