Dryer, Fluid Bed, Batch, 8" Dia, S/st, Steam Heated, Glatt, #S738279

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Stock NumberS738279
Measurements24" Diameter x 60" High
Diameter8" Diameter Drying Bed
Materials of ConstructionStainless Steel


Glatt fluid bed dryer, lab size dryer, drying chamber measures 24" diameter x 60" high, drying section insert measures 15" diameter (at top) x 12" deep, with cone bottom, 8" diameter Drying bed with slotted screen. Dryer is steam heated through radiator. Air in introduced into back of dryer through envelope style filter and eventually thru HEPA style filter before entering drying chamber. Top section of drying chamber includes 24" high dust collection section, exhaust exits through duct work. Insert includes hinged glass door to view drying area. Previously used to Dry a bleach powder.