Dryer, Fluid Bed, Fitz, FA-250, 304 S/st, 1/2 HP, #S732535

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Stock NumberS732535
ModelFA-250 Fitzaire
Serial Number285
Measurements54" Diameter x 18" Deep
Capacity 250 -Pound Load
Materials of Construction304 Stainless Steel


Fitzpatrick fluid bed dryer, batch Model FA-250 Fitzaire, all wetted parts being 304 stainless steel, 250# load capacity. Equipped with 2 stainless steel agitated beds, 54" diameter x 18" deep with unit inflatable pneumatic bed seals. Beds are unitized on casters, agitated with 1/2 HP 220/440V gearhead drive. Complete dryer housing is stainless steel product and vapor contact parts. Unit includes top mounted exhaust fan with direct 20 HP, 220/440V, XP drive. Internal dust sock, pressure relief panels, air flow control damper and electrical controls. Unit previously heated with external heat source, not included. Serial number 285. Last used in chemical service.