Counter, Pill, Tablet, PallayPack, Mdl PC80CW, 18-Track, #S742621

Counter, Pill, Tablet, PallayPack, Mdl PC80CW, 18-Track, #S742621

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Used PallayPack Model PC180CW 18-Track pill counter with built-in checkweigher, fully automatic tablet and capsule counting system, serial# PPS 534. The 18 tracks are divided into (3) fill stations each with (6) tracks, fills separately into (3) containers using indexing star wheel and has integral weighing system. Tablets or capsules are placed into the feed hopper at the rear of the counting machine via Pharmalift hopper/feed system (Serial# PPS 356) or can be fed manually. The flow of tablets are controlled but the speed of the vibrators. Previously filling prescription bottles (60 cc, 80 cc, 100 cc & 180 cc bottles). New in 2013. Very good condition.


Stock NumberS742621
Serial NumberPPS 534
Number of Lanes18-Track
Special FeaturesBuilt-in checkweigher