Column, 42" x 7' + 18" x 13', S/st, SRS Engineering, #S743631


Chowchilla, CA

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Stock NumberS743631
Diameter42" x 7' + 18" x 13'
Materials of ConstructionStainless Steel


SRS Engineering Methanol Recovery Column, includes 42" diameter (36" ID) X 7' high column in lower section, leading to 18" diameter X 13' high column in upper section. ASV column purifies biodiesel by removing methanol and water, acting as two flashes with a recycle loop. Feed enters the column directly without going through a stripping section, causing the vapor to travel the length of the column and out the condenser. Complete system including column, structure, pumps, valves, piping, etc. Column will do 1,000 lbs/hr, depending on methanol purity.   System was is in working condition when removed from biodiesel facility in 2021.