Column, 42" x 7' + 18" x 13', S/st, SRS Engineering, #S743631

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Stock NumberS743631
ManufacturerSRS Engineering
Diameter42" x 7' + 18" x 13'
Materials of ConstructionStainless Steel


SRS Engineering Methanol Recovery Column, includes 42" diameter (36" ID) X 7' high column in lower section, leading to 18" diameter X 13' high column in upper section. ASV column purifies biodiesel by removing methanol and water, acting as two flashes with a recycle loop. Feed enters the column directly without going through a stripping section, causing the vapor to travel the length of the column and out the condenser. Complete system including column, structure, pumps, valves, piping, etc. Column will do 1,000 pounds per hour, depending on methanol purity.   System was is in working condition when removed from biodiesel facility in 2021.