Reactor, 300 Gallon, S/st, Jkt, Sweep Agit, 45 PSI, #S739749

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San Dimas, CA

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Stock NumberS739749
ManufacturerOscar Krenz
Materials of Construction304 Stainless Steel
Internal Pressure45 PSI
Jacket Pressure30 PSI
Previous UseMixing of polymers
BasisEach, FOB


Oscar Krenz stainless steel 300 gallon reactors, 304 stainless steel. Rated for 45 PSI internally and includes hydraulically driven sweep agitator, driven by 30 - 40 HP hydraulic power pack. Vessel is jacketed with 30 PSI jacket. Includes overhead shell & tube vertical condenser mounted above each reactor. Top is a bolted cover with hydraulic lift cylinder to raise lid/agitator from reactor body. Dished bottom with hydraulic actuated discharge valve. Previously lug mounted and used for mixing of polymers for laminating process.

Additional Features

Sweep Agitation