Mixer, Dispersion, Air Driven, S/st, Semco, Mdl S-1378, #S532350

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Stock NumberS532350
Serial Number7843
Materials of ConstructionStainless Steel


SEMCO Model S-1378 Pressure Mixer, Serial number 7843, Assembly Number 228075; 5-quart capacity; air 90 PSI, 20 CFM. This type of equipment is designed for blending two or more liquid or viscous materials into one homogeneous mixture without the possibility of air being admitted. Any quantity up to five quarts of material may be mixed in a few minutes and the mix delivered, while still under pressure, into a polyethylene cartridge for use with the Sealant Gun 250-6. Action of mixer is provided by two double acting air cylinders. The lower cylinder first forces entrapped air through an air bleeder and seal at the top of the container and then holds the container under pressure while the upper cylinder forces a dasher through the material with an involved motion that gives a thorough mix and blend. The cabinet is stainless steel; easily cleaned.