Mixer, Ribbon, 190 CF, C/St, 20 HP, Scott, Hopper, #C743864

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San Dimas, CA

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Stock NumberC743864
Cubic Feet190
Materials of ConstructionCarbon Steel


Scott double ribbon mixer with surge hopper and Dust Hog bin vent dust collector. Ribbon mixer measures 48" wide x 12' long, carbon steel construction, approximately 190 cubic feet capacity, with top cover and opening for Dust Hog. Trough includes three sets of ribbons - 3" wide outer, 2" wide middle and 2" inner ribbon, 1/4" thick. Mixing trough includes 8-1/2" x 24" end bottom discharge with pneumatic slide gate. Ribbons driven by 20 HP, 230/460V, 3/60Hz motor thru v-belt assembly, motor mounted on surge hopper. Mixer drops product to surge hopper including 6" diameter top auger, mounted 10" from top of hopper and 9" diameter bottom mounted auger, discharging out 10" x 10" opening. Dust Hog model number FJL-BV, 2-cartridge dust collector. Last used in seed coating operation. Good condition.