Filler, Piston, 1-Head, Pump Filler, S/st, Pneumatic #C740415

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Stock NumberC740415
Materials of ConstructionStainless Steel
Previous UseFood Processing
Filler TypePiston Filler


Stainless steel piston pump filler. Includes all stainless steel 30" x 30" x 26" deep hopper with pyramid shaped bottom, leading to 3" diameter center bottom outlet. Hopper is connected to horizontal piston pump that pulls the material from the hopper and pumps is out a 3" diameter outlet. The outlet is connected to a 2" diameter vertical piping. Piston measures 5" diameter X 10" long, pneumatically controlled and includes pneumatic switch. Unitized on stainless cart with casters. During the testing process, discovered the air cylinder has a leak around the shaft; therefore, this pump is not fully functionable.