Mixer, Agitator, 125 HP, Wastewater (3) #S734147

Mixer, Agitator, 125 HP, Wastewater (3) #S734147

Location:San Dimas, CA

Available quantity:3

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(3) Wastewater aeration agitator with fiberglass reinforced plastic and stainless steel contact parts. Unit measures 8' diameter x 3' tall with 304 stainless steel drive shaft, approximately 7" diameter. Aerator designed to be driven by 100-125 HP gearbox drive, not included. Unit designed to operate at approximately 48 RPM, to draw air in to incorporate with water to improve aerobic activity in processing wastewater.


Stock NumberS734147
HP100 (Less Motor)
Materials of ConstructionFiberglass & Stainless
Previous UseWaste Water Aeration
BasisEach, FOB