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Chemical Liquidations: Liquid Nitrogen Plant

Complete Liquid Nitrogen Plant Liquidation

We are liquidating a complete 250 tons per day liquid nitrogen plant last used to pre-cool a Helium loop, which in turn was used for cooling their super conducting magnets. This equipment was installed at a Lawrence Livermore Labs for their nuclear fusion experiments. The equipment was used for three years only and sat idle for a number of years, during which time regular maintenance was performed to preserve the equipment. The equipment includes a Joy “Twin Model” 5,500 HP gas compressor, Joy “Turbo Air” 1,000 HP gas compressor, Howden 350 HP centrifugal compressor, Rotoflow “Turbo-Expander”, 800 HP compressor, as well as LOX (cryogenic) tanks including capacities of 40,000 gallon, 6,000 gallon and 2,000 gallon.

  • Joy Centrifugal Gas Compressor
  • Howden Compressor
  • Lox Tank
  • Cambridge Corp. Tank
  • Ucar Tank
  • Cryogenic Tanks
    ... and more!

"Joy TurboAir 1,000 HP Compressor"

Joy TurboAir 1,000 HP Compressor


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