Machinery & Equipment Company (M&E) stands as a trusted name in the Used Mining Equipment industry, offering a wide range of high-quality used mining equipment that can help you maximize productivity while minimizing costs.

Mineral processing machinery encompasses a range of equipment used in extracting and refining minerals from ores. These machines are crucial for separating valuable minerals from the surrounding ore material. Common types include:

  1. Crushers: Break down large rocks and ore into smaller fragments.
  2. Grinding Mills: Reduce ore particles to finer sizes through grinding.
  3. Screens: Classify and separate minerals based on particle size.
  4. Classifiers: Separate fine particles based on size and density.
  5. Magnetic Separators: Remove magnetic materials from the ore mixture.
  6. Flotation Machines: Separate minerals by attaching air bubbles selectively.
  7. Gravity Separators: Utilize density differences to separate minerals.
  8. Dewatering Equipment: Remove excess water from processed ore or concentrate.
  9. Smelting and Refining Equipment: Extract and purify valuable metals from concentrated minerals.

The selection of machinery depends on factors such as mineral composition, particle size, and desired end product. These machines play vital roles in various stages of mineral processing, from initial crushing to final purification.

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