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Machinery & Equipment Company offers auction services for complete and partial processing and packaging facilities. M&E can provide all aspects of the auction process including set-up, marketing, inspection escorts, online and onsite bidding, dismantling services, broom swept facilities and if needed, site demolition. Depending on the client’s requirements, all auction services can be provided by M&E and our trusted partners. Here are some of our upcoming auctions.

  • Distillery Equipment - Pot Stills, Distillation, Stainless Tanks - San Francisco, CA - December 10, 2020

    All Formerly operated at a historic San Franciso distillery and beer processing facility. Includes (3) Copper pot stills including Forsyths 1350-liter, Arnold Holstein 600-liter and Forsyths 200-liter pot stills with copper worm condensers. Also included are several stainless-steel tanks - (12) 500-gallon DCI distillation tanks, (2) 3,000-gallon jacketed tanks, (2) 1,650-gallon jacketed tanks, Mueller 1,300-gallon jacketed tank, Corson 900-gallon Mash Tank, (10) TranStore 550 Gallon portable tank and more.
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  • Titanium Melting Facility - Vallejo, CA - December 15, 2020

    Formerly operated by Titanium Metals Corp (TIMET) with Electron Beam and Vacuum Induction Furnaces. Major equipment includes EB and VIM Melting Furnaces, Roots and Stokes Vacuum pumps, dust collection baghouses, 12,000 lb and 8,000 lb Forklifts and several Machine Tool items such as Lathes, Vertical Milling Machine, Grinders, Welders, Saws and more.
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