Used Velo Equipment

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  1. Filter, Pressure Leaf, 1 Sq m, Velo, DE Filter,
    Stock Number: A738934
    Location: California

    Velo DE filter, approximately 1 square meter surface area, includes vertical tank with (16) horizontal leaves, stainl... (More Details...)

  2. Filter, Pressure Leaf, 30 SF, S/st, Velo, Mdl 0056, VTVL
    Stock Number: S739987
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Velo DE filter, previously used on wine. Approximately 3 sq. mt., stainless steel pressure leaf filter, model 0056. U... (More Details...)

  3. Filter, Pressure Leaf, 4.5 Sq m, Velo, VTHL, DE Filter,
    Stock Number: C740297
    Location: California

    Velo DE Filter, type FOR. 4.5, 4.5 square meter, serial number 0057 OR 70, vertical tank with horizontal leaves. Incl... (More Details...)

  4. Filter, Pressure Leaf, 7.5 Sq m, Velo, DE Filter,
    Stock Number: A740927
    Location: Southeast

    Velo 7.5 meter Vertical Leaf Velo DE Filter, up gradable to 10 meter. We have maintenance, CIP, and operating SOPs, a... (More Details...)

  5. Filter, Rotary, Vac, 5' x 5', S/st, Velo, Precoat
    Stock Number: S741931
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Velo model number FRP 8 rotary vacuum drum filter, precoat filter, drum measures 5' diameter x 5' face, all stainless... (More Details...)

5 Item(s)