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  1. A738934_A
    Filter, Pressure Leaf, 1 Sq m, Velo, DE Filter,
    Stock Number: A738934
    Location: California
    Velo DE filter, approximately 1 square meter surface area, includes vertical tank with (16) horizontal leaves, stainl...(More Details...)
  2. S739987_A
    Filter, Pressure Leaf, 30 SF, S/st, Velo, Mdl 0056, VTVL
    Stock Number: S739987
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Velo DE filter, previously used on wine. Approximately 3 sq. mt., stainless steel pressure leaf filter, model 0056. U...(More Details...)
  3. C740297_A
    Filter, Pressure Leaf, 4.5 Sq m, Velo, VTHL, DE Filter,
    Stock Number: C740297
    Location: California
    Velo DE Filter, type FOR. 4.5, 4.5 square meter, serial number 0057 OR 70, vertical tank with horizontal leaves. Incl...(More Details...)
  4. S741931_A
    Filter, Rotary, Vac, 5' x 5', S/st, Velo, Precoat
    Stock Number: S741931
    Location: Brisbane, CA
    Velo model number FRP 8 rotary vacuum drum filter, precoat filter, drum measures 5' diameter x 5' face, all...(More Details...)
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4 Item(s)

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