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Synthesis of drug intermediates liquidation

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We have just taken into inventory a number of used, "like-new", pieces of pharmaceutical equipment, previously used in a synthesis of drug intermediates processing facility. The used machinery in this liquidation includes a Lee Industries 300 liter 316Lstainless steel construction and halar coated vacuum pan dryer, (2) Jensen Fittings 2-tank CIP systems and a Servo type "mobile drum lift" lift/dumper. Also included in this liquidation are a number of pharmaceutical grade, agitated, jacketed reactors ranging from 1000 liter (250 gallon) to 120 liter (30 gallon). All these reactors are constructed of 316L stainless steel and the majority of these vessels are halar coated internally. We have brought this machinery to our San Francisco facility and is immediately available for sale.

  • Vacuum Pan Dryers
  • CIP Systms
  • Mobile Drum Lift lifter/dumber
  • Jacketed Reactors
    .. and more!

"Lee 300 Liter Vacuum Pan Dryer"

Lee 300 Liter Vacuum Pan Dryer

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