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Metso Rotary Kiln with Agglomeration Plant - Florida

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Complete agglomeration and calcining plant suitable for pelletizing a variety of products. Items include 8’ X 92’ long Metso Ported Rotary Kiln with Burner, 11.5’ X 17’ KVS Ball Mill, Feeco Balling Drum Pelletizer, Metso Roller Screen / Classifier, Buhler Grate Dryer, Ducon Wet FDG Scrubber, CECO Mist Elimination Column, Delta Cooling Towers, Enviropan Railroad Truck Containment System, Opsis Emission Monitor, LIBS analyzer, Amtek Opacity Monitor, as well as tanks, conveyors, heat exchangers, and other ancillary equipment.

Remaining Project Inventory

  1. Column, 6' X 26', Mist Eliminator, 316 S/st, 8600 CFM
    Stock Number: C742225
    Location: Fort Meade, FL
    Ceco mist elimination column filter, 316 stainless steel, rated for 8,600 CFM, 8.78 PSI, 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Unit measures 6' diameter X 26' high. Features ...(More Details...)
  2. Conveyor, Belt, 35" X 42', 304 S/st, Wire Mesh, Incline,
    Stock Number: C742230
    Location: Fort Meade, FL
    Goessling wire mesh belt conveyor, 35" wide X 42' long belt. Set up for 18-degree incline angle. Driven by 3 HP, 460 V, 3-phase, 60 Hz motor. Includes 18-8 304 ...(More Details...)
  3. Dryer, Belt, Grate, C/st, Buhler, 7' X 32', 2 Zones
    Stock Number: C742218
    Location: Fort Meade, FL
    Buhler grate dryer, rated for 500 degrees Fahrenheit, with (2) drying zones. Rated for 23,460 pounds per hour. Features 7' wide belt and 150 square feet of drying be...(More Details...)
  4. Dust Collector, Railroad Track Containment System, 60'
    Stock Number: C742231
    Location: Fort Meade, FL
    60' Railroad Track Containment System, manufactured by Enviropan. Spill collection system features Century High Density Polyethylene Enviropans with cross drains and...(More Details...)
  5. Kiln, 8' X 92', Rotary, Metso, 2400 Deg F, Ported, 2013
    Stock Number: C740503
    Location: Fort Meade, FL
    Rotary Kiln, 8' diameter X 92' long, manufactured in 2013 by Metso, complete with gas burner, to 80mm BTU's per hour. Last used on phosphate rock in resear...(More Details...)
  6. Lab, Emission Monitor, Opsis, Mdl AR600 UV DOAS
    Stock Number: C742233
    Location: Fort Meade, FL
    Opsis emission monitor, model AR600 UV DOAS (differential optical absorption spectroscopy) 100 ppm NOX, 100 ppm NO2 and 100 ppm SO2 analyzer. Includes Opsis M120540 Stack...(More Details...)
  7. Lab, LIBS Mineral Analyzer, MAYA 6060, LDS, Belt
    Stock Number: C742234
    Location: Fort Meade, FL
    LIBS (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) online mineral analyzer, manufactured by Laser Distance Spectrometry, MAYA 6060 series, model M-2010, conveyor belt type, meas...(More Details...)
  8. Lab, Opacity Monitor, Ametek, Mdl 4500 Mark III (2)
    Stock Number: C742232
    Location: Fort Meade, FL
    (2) Ametek Opacity Monitor, Model 4500 Mark III, with fail safe shutter, complete with model AFU-APS2 auxillary function unit and power supply, stand pipe assembly, safe ...(More Details...)
  9. Mill, Ball, 11.5' X 17', KVS, 1000 HP, Refurbished in 2013
    Stock Number: C742220
    Location: Fort Meade, FL
    11.5' diameter X 17' long ball mill, manufactured by KVS (Kennedy Van Saun), includes 1000 HP open winding synchronous motor. Features trommel discharge and fee...(More Details...)
  10. Pelletizer, Drum, Agglomerator, 7' X 16', C/st, Feeco, 45 Tons/hour
    Stock Number: C742216
    Location: Fort Meade, FL
    Feeco Balling Drum Pelletizer, 7' internal diameter X 16' long, with 4'6" dicharge scroll ring. A36 steel plate construction. Features 5 mm Linard 60 ...(More Details...)
  11. Refrig, Cooling Tower, 1200 Ton, Delta, TM Series, 3 Cell
    Stock Number: C742226
    Location: Fort Meade, FL
    Delta Cooling Tower, model TM-375412, 3 cell design, 700-1200 ton capacity, 3500 GPM, 193,000 CFM airflow, 1400 gallon sump capacity. Features HDPE shell, direct drive fa...(More Details...)
  12. Screen, Roller, Classifier, 20 HP, Metso, 2 Sections
    Stock Number: C742217
    Location: Fort Meade, FL
    Metso roller screen, single deck classifier, with (42) rolls which measure 3" diameter X 64" long each. Rolls are 304 stainless steel rolls and frame is welded ...(More Details...)
  13. Scrubber, Wet, 9,250 CFM, Ducon, FGD
    Stock Number: C742224
    Location: Fort Meade, FL
    Ducon wet FGD (flue gas desulfurization) scrubber, includes (2) fixed Venturi rod decks, (3) spray curtains, internal lime slurry piping, and 3-stage final mist eliminato...(More Details...)
  14. Tank, 450 Gallon, C/st, 50" X 5', OT/FB
    Stock Number: C742223
    Location: Fort Meade, FL
    450 gallon tank, carbon steel construction, measures 50" diameter X 5' high, features center baffle, (2) 4" flanged inlet/outlets, with open top and flat b...(More Details...)
  15. Tank, 700 Gallon, C/st, 5' X 5', OT/FB
    Stock Number: C742222
    Location: Fort Meade, FL
    700 gallon tank, carbon steel construction, measures 5' diameter X 5' high, features multiple flanged inlet/outlets (1.5", 3", 8") with open top ...(More Details...)
  16. Tank, 9,300 Gallon, C/st, 10' X 16', FT/FB, Lime Slurry
    Stock Number: C742221
    Location: Fort Meade, FL
    9,300 gallon tank, carbon steel construction, measures 10' diameter X 16' high. Features 2" and 4" flanged inlet/outlet, with flat top and flat bottom...(More Details...)