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Apple Washing, Dicing, Screening, Blanching, Color Sorting, IQF Freezing & Packaging Liquidation – Washington

We are liquidating several items from a major production line previously running diced apples. The major items include (4) Urschel G-A dicer, water flume, conveyors, Key vibratory dewatering shakers, Key TEGRA color sorter, Best type Argus laser color sorter, Abco 5’ x 25’ triple pass belt blancher, Reyco SuperVac water removal system, Hussman and Cloudy Britton freeze tunnels, Key rotary screen / seed reels, Cintex metal detector, Weigh Pack Multi Trix dual lane vibratory weigh system, K&R case erector, poly bag inserter and decuffer, Pasco series 6650 palletizer and Rice Lake Systems tote filling system. Also included is a complete ammonia compressor room including (4) Frick ammonia compressors, 60 HP to 400 HP. Equipment is in good working condition.

Remaining Project Inventory

  1. Blancher, Belt, 4.5' x 25', S/st, ABCO, Two Stage,
    Stock Number: C741712
    Location: Chowchilla, CA
    ABCO belt blancher, measures 4-1/2' wide x 25' overall length, all stainless steel construction. Two stage blancher with belts at slight incline, stainless stee...(More Details...)
  2. Caser, Erector, Polybag Inserter, Decuffer, K&R,
    Stock Number: C741728
    Location: Northwest
    K&R case erector, poly bag inserter and decuffer. Previously used with dual lane vibratory weigh filler (Stock number C741719). Includes K&R poly bag inserter, se...(More Details...)
  3. Detector, Metal, 32" X 5", Cintex, S/st, Belt Conveyor,
    Stock Number: C741718
    Location: Northwest
    Cintex metal detector with stainless steel 30" x 15' long inclined belt conveyor, Cintex type AutoSearch 5X32HI, model number 32X05, serial number 05/4294, 30&q...(More Details...)
  4. Dicer, Urschel, Mdl G, 2 HP, S/st, Apples, (2)
    Stock Number: C741710
    Location: Brisbane, CA
    (2) Urschel G dicer, driven by 2 HP motor, previously dicing apples 3/8" x 3/8". Currently less cutting blades. In good working condition when removed from serv...(More Details...)
  5. Dumper, Bin, Tote, S/st, Hydraulic, Tilt, Chain Feed,
    Stock Number: C741716
    Location: Northwest
    Tote dumper, stainless steel, includes chain feed to dump area, hydraulically driven, includes power pack, approximately 5 HP. Includes overhead ram with 6-point platen. ...(More Details...)
  6. Filler, Box, Weigh, 2-Lane, Weigh Pack, Type Multi Trix,
    Stock Number: C741719
    Location: Brisbane, CA
    Weigh Pack Systems vibratory weigh filler, type Multi Trix, dual lane, last filling 40-pound boxes, model number AEF-25, serial number 1149, includes two lanes and bucket...(More Details...)
  7. Filler, Tote, Rice Lake Systems, Mdl 920i-3A, S/st, ESP,
    Stock Number: C741729
    Location: Northwest
    Frozen tote filling system, ESP (Event Sequential Protocol), optimized processor, manufactured by Rice Lake Systems, scale model number 920i-3A, serial number 132290002. ...(More Details...)
  8. Palletizer, Pasco, Series 6650, Slip Sheet Inserter,
    Stock Number: C741730
    Location: Northwest
    Pasco palletizer, series 6650, serial number 1270042296, slip inserter, includes MCC. Previously palletizing 40-pound boxes of frozen diced apples. In good working condit...(More Details...)
  9. Refrig, Compressor, 350 HP, Frick, Mdl RWBII, Ammonia,
    Stock Number: C741721
    Location: Northwest
    Frick compressor, 350 HP, set up for ammonia, model RWBII 177E, R717 refrigerant, 300 PSI, includes RWBII Plus controls. Rebuilt in 2009. ...(More Details...)
  10. Refrig, Compressor, 400 HP, Frick, Mdl RWBII, Ammonia,
    Stock Number: C741720
    Location: Northwest
    Frick compressor, 400 HP, model RWBII, serial number S022IDFMPLHBC3, converted from R22 to ammonia, rated for 300 PSI, includes RWBII Plus controls, 67,630 hours. New in ...(More Details...)
  11. Refrig, Compressor, 60 HP, Frick, Mdl FXF 30, Ammonia,
    Stock Number: C741723
    Location: Northwest
    Frick ammonia compressor, model number FXF 30, Serial number S0033MFMNLHAA3, R717, model XJFROM0150EE, new in 1997, 3600 RPM. ...(More Details...)
  12. Refrig, Compressor, 60 HP, Frick, Mdl RX24H, Ammonia,
    Stock Number: C741722
    Location: Northwest
    Frick ammonia compressor, model RXF 24 H, serial number 10241A78148, 60 HP, 230/460V, 1775 RPM motor, 400 PSI, model XJF120S, serial number 10241C206016127, 300 PSI @ 250...(More Details...)
  13. Refrig, Condenser, Evapco, 500 Ton, Mdl ATC3088,
    Stock Number: C741740
    Location: Northwest
    Evapco evaporative condenser, model ATC508B. Nominal 500-ton capacity. Footprint is 8' x 21' x 10' high. Serial number W016925, Belt number 4B158, coil tes...(More Details...)
  14. Refrig, Freeze Tunnel, 5' X 20', S/st, IQF, Cloudy Britton,
    Stock Number: C741707
    Location: Northwest
    Cloudy Britton IQF freeze tunnel, model number AP 7203, approximately 5' wide X 20' long belt. Installed inside enclosure, approximately 27' long X 16'...(More Details...)
  15. Refrig, Freeze Tunnel, 5' X 40', S/st, IQF, Hussman,
    Stock Number: C741713
    Location: Northwest
    Hussman (I-R) IQF freeze tunnel, stainless steel contact parts, set up for ammonia, 5' wide x 40' long stainless steel belt, installed inside enclosure, measuri...(More Details...)
  16. Screen, Rotary, 16" x 26", S/st, Cornell Pump, Enclosure,
    Stock Number: C741714
    Location: Brisbane, CA
    Rotary screen, 16" diameter x 26" face, all stainless steel, enclosed in stainless steel chamber, includes Cornell stainless steel centrifugal pump. ...(More Details...)
  17. Sorter, Color, Best, Type Argus, Vibratory Feed Shaker,
    Stock Number: C741717
    Location: Northwest
    Best color sorting system including stainless steel vibratory feed shaker and Best type Argus US-model color sorter. Additional details - Best laser sorter, type Argus US...(More Details...)
  18. Tank, 650 Gallon, C/st, Ammonia Receiver, 300 PSI, MorFab,
    Stock Number: C741731
    Location: Northwest
    Ammonia receiver tank, manufactured by Morfab, rated for 300 PSI @ 650 to minus degrees Fahrenheit, serial number 5075, new in 1993. Measures 30" diameter x 17'...(More Details...)
  19. Water Removal System, Reyco, SuperVac, 5 HP, 12"/10"
    Stock Number: C741727
    Location: Chowchilla, CA
    Reyco water removal system, WaterVac, 5 HP motor, 10" discharge, 12" inlet. Constructed of stainless steel contacts. Previously removing water from diced apple ...(More Details...)