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Waste Water and City Water Treatment Plant Liquidation

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We have recently brought into our inventory the major components of (2) separate water treatment systems. One system was treating the incoming city water to be used as process water at a copper plating facility.  The system includes an Ionics 62 GPM reverse osmosis (RO) filter system, (2) large Deionized (DI) water storage tanks, Penfield carbon bed filters, Penfiled Demineralizer beds and more.  The second system was treating the waste water coming out of the plating facility. This system includes a Parkson Lamella 570/55 gravity settler/clarifier & sand filter, JWI 630MM plate & frame filter press, cyanide destruction tanks and numerous large fiberglass and polyethylene tanks including sludge thickener, diversion, pH adjustment, polymer feed, waste acid and other storage tanks.

Complete Waste Water Treatment Plant
Parkson Lamella Gravity Settler/Clarifier System Ionics 62 GPM Reverse Osmosis Filter System

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